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Movie Analysis

No description

Hamna Badat

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Movie Analysis

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Black Swan
Nina is a ballerina with a great passion for dancing. She auditions for the role of the “White Swan” and “Black Swan”. For her frigid frame and shyness personality, she fits the role only for the “White Swan”. A newcomer, Lily, takes over the role of the “Black Swan”. As the pressure of the role is taken down on her, she slowly goes into madness.

Number 23
Walter (main character), discovers a book called Number 23. As he reads the book, he begins to get faint memories of his actions being similar to the author's. The book is about falling deeply in love with Laura - a character, but later the author ends up killing her in jealousy. As the movie progresses, he discovers he is the author of Number 23 and he was the one to kill Laura.

Karthik calling Karthik
Fight Club
The narrator is going through anxiety and depression. One day his apartment mysteriously burns down. The narrator moves in with Tyler - a free spirited man. The two men create a "fight club" - where men fed up with their lives come and soothe their pain. Tyler, without any warning, leaves. The narrator goes searching for Tyler. He finds him in a hotel room.
1.Black Swan
2. Number 23
3. Fight Club
4. Karthik calling Karthik
5. Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Movie Analysis

Nina shows symptoms of schizophrenia. She begins to lose touch with reality. She encountered six months of delusions and hallucinations. Her life gets even more stressful, when further in the movie, she is confronted with abuse from both home and work. Throughout the movie Nina displays many symptoms of OCD, especially in dancing, she wants every move to be perfect. Nina also becomes paranoid that she will lose her role to Lily. Her delusions and hallucinations get severe as the movie progresses. Her hallucinations get reached to a point where she thinks she stabs the “Black Swan” - Lily, but ends up dying because she stabbed herself.

Walter experiences Dissociative Identity disorder. He has disruptions in his memory and awareness. The 23rd chapter of the book was suicidal notes and confessions of Walter killing his love. Due to his disorder he didn’t remember much, until after comparing himself to the book and reading the 23rd chapter.

Edward the narrator is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. When Edward falls asleep he dissociates into Tyler. Edward is "captured" by Tyler and is bounded to a chair. Edward forces himself to break the illusion of his imaginary identity, pointing a gun to his head. He finds the gun to be in his own hand and shoots himself in the jaw. This "kills" Tyler. The narrator is free.

Karthik is an ordinary office guy who lives in a simple apartment.
His life consists of his land lord, his boss, and the girl of his dreams - who doesn't even know his nam , despite working in the same office compund. One night around 5p.m, he begans getting calls from someone claiming to be himself.

Karthik gets addicted to the advice and enjoys talking to the person every morning at 5a.m. With the person’s guide, he becomes successful. He buys a house, gets a higher position in work and gets the girl of his dreams - Sonali. When Karthik tells Sonali about the calls, the person gets mad. He tells karthik that if he made him successful, he can also bring him down. With that Sonali takes him to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, after much research on him, tells them both that he has multiple personality disorder and had schizophrenia. An incident in his childhood has caused it to reach this age. Karthik had took all the responsibility and guilt of killing an “imaginary abusive brother.” The couple began to live a happy life, as the treatment continues.

After Peeta and Katniss arrived home from the 74th annual Hunger Games, they have to become Victors Tour. As they travel through districts, Katniss senses a rebellion against the Capitol. President Snow makes sure they know that he still is in control. During the end as Katniss escapes the arena, Peeta is caught by the capitol.

Throughout the movie Katniss portrays symptoms and signs of PTSD. The brutality and life-threating past moments haunt her. She wakes up to screaming and sweating after having the dreams. The biggest trauma she undergoes, is the death of her ally Rue.
Hamna Badat
Lyon-Southard - 2A

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