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5.1.6 Board Game...

No description

Winsome Andrews

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of 5.1.6 Board Game...

5.1.6 Board Game...
Roll a die
Go over over the amount of spaces indicate by said die
If you land on a choose space you must pick Yes or No
If you reach the "Long and fruitful Life" space you win.
Things to be aware of
You can develop "super bugs" so antibiotics will be useless
Sometimes the immune system will turn against you
You don't know what disorders, allergies, or diseases or have or may develop. Its all in the fun of the game.
Starting Point
You were born.
You scrapped your knee and the skin has been penetrated.
Your first line of defense is broken!
Bacteria could infect and cause great harm if it weren't for the body's non-specific defense

Congratulations your white blood cells indiscriminately killed the bacteria
Way to go...
You have contracted AIDs
Now your T cells are dead and the immune system has been compromised

You are dead.
You scrapped your knee
Your nose hairs weren't concerned about that pollen an now you have Hay fever

Your nose is now inflamed and runny
Sniff after every sentence
The nose hairs knows not
He's baaaack
The bacteria that you scrapped you knee on has returned!

Will you take some antibiotics?
Go ahead 1 slide
Let your boys handle it.
Go ahead 2 slides
You fool!
The antibiotics you took allowed the bacteria to develop a resistance to it and is now a "super bug"

You are dead.
You did it!
You didn't take the easy way out and after weeks of pain your antibodies tagged the bacteria and the phagocytes ate them right up, sure showed them who owns the body.
The body recognized the pathogen and conducted specific defense to fight the invaders

More than enough mucus is being produced.

Tough it out.
Go ahead 1 slide

Take magical mucus removing medicine.
Go ahead 2 slides
Good work!
After a few days of discomfort the body went back to producing a normal amount of mucus
Hope it was worth it...
Well now there's no mucus.
But now your throat is so dry that it cracked

Talk like you have a severe sore throat.
Where to Antibodies come from?
They come from...

A) B-Cells

B) Storks

C) The liver

D) Go ask the teacher
Flu season
Its flu season, what do you do to resist the disease

A) Take antibiotics

B) Get a vaccine

C) Just chill

D) Whine to your mom to not have a shot
Answer Responses
If you chose A: Way to go

If you chose B: ...how..I don't even...

If you chose C: Wrong

If you chose D: Don't bring Ms. Morris into this.
If you chose A: Yeah those antibiotics will surely get the virus

If you chose B: Nice Job

If you chose C: Might as well lock yourself in a freezer

If you chose D: You're mom is not going to deal with you having the flu.
Answer responses
Last question
The doctor says that your immune system is weakened, what do you do?

Go to the club and "turn up" after all you only live once
Go ahead 2 slides

Stay at home and limit physical contact, who knows what other people what are carrying
Go ahead 1 slide
Long and Fruitful Life
You may have missed "turning up" at the club but it's not like its going anywhere.
You've chosen healthy decisions and survived.
Turning up was fun cuz now you're dead
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