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HR Reloaded

I Social Media per l'HR: Assumere & Coinvolgere

Professioni del Web

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of HR Reloaded

Aggiornamento di scenario e statistiche di utilizzo del web 2.0.
100% Linked
Linkedin è utilissimo per chi sia alla ricerca di figure junior: accanto ai manager di lungo corso, infatti, sono molti i neodiplomati e neolaureati che hanno messo il proprio cv in rete.
distribuzione per età
(quasi 4 milioni di utenti in Italia)
I settori più presenti sono tecnologia e industria, seguiti dai servizi (finanza e consulenza in testa).
distribuzione per settori
Founder @ Professioni del Web,
CEO Appluego,
coordinatore & docente Sole24Ore Business School

Giulio Xhaët
how employers are using LinkedIn
- Develop and expand a personal network of professionals
- Stay in touch with former, valued, trusted colleagues for potential future employmentrelationships
- Actively search for candidates
- Develop a complete, keyword-rich profile for your company
- Search for employees based on references from recommenders you trust
- Can ask your current employees to activate their networks to reach out to potential passive candidates for jobs
- Can join groups at LinkedIn
- Can post jobs on LinkedIn and recruit and hire candidates
Talent Recruiting Solutions
Target Recruitment Ads
+ picture yourself ads
Case Study
Facebook Co-Generation
Work for us App
1. Fish Where the Fish Are
2. Target Your Ideal Candidates
3. Recruit at Low Cost and High Value
4. Attract Passive Candidates
5. Build a Facebook Talent Community
Social Recruiting
Facebook's new ad targeting options makes Facebook advertising even more powerful as a social recruitment tool.
Case Study
The app combined highly targeted ads, embedded social features, and a seamless application process to acquire 10,000 fans and 4,000 applicants in four weeks. The Hard Rock team conducted 1,000 interviews and ended up hiring 120 individuals through the app. 95% of candidates extended offers accepted them, a testament to the pre-qualification of candidates via targeted ads and social features.
Hard Rock traditionally spends around $25,000 on recruitment advertising for new venues.
The Facebook campaign cost around $2,000.
This resulted in a cost per fan of $0.20, a cost per applicant of$0.50, and a cost per hire of $16.
Citysearch puts up an ad with a picture of the hiring manager and shows those ads only to that manager’s Facebook friends.
The micro-blogging, social networking website can be a powerful way for small companies and recruiters to expand their list of potential job candidates:
#twitter #strategy
#job, #jobpost, #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #career, #staffing, #salesjob, #NAJ
#cityname #twesume
I 25 migliori profili HR si twitter:
39% of all jobseekers are on Twitter
23% of all job seekers (71% of those with a profile) have leveraged Twitter in their job hunt
8% have updated Twitter with their professional information
6% have received a job referral through Twitter
8 million Americans credit Twitter as a source that led to their current job
How to use Twitter for Recruiting?
Case Studies
Life at Google:
Twitter: @JoinTheFlock
Twitter is leveraging itself for recruitment purposes as well, from their employer account. You can find tweets on such things as what’s happening at Twitter, their latest job openings, and a more
“inside look” at the company.
UPS: @UPSjobs
UPS doesn’t only share tweets about PR or open Jobs. They also engage their followers and respond to questions candidates might have. This makes them less of “just a faceless entity,” and allows them to be seen as having real, live, breathing human beings behind the scenes. This goes far in helping their followers see them as more of a “partner” than a mere presence on the Web.
Ehy, they are doing it well!
be Unconventional
Google +
How to maximize your Recruiting potential on Pinterest?
1. Promote your Company Culture and Values
2. Build a Pin Board for Each Job
3. Pin Multimedia
4. Know your audience
5. Connect
Some key points to consider:
1. Google Plus is involved in SEO
2. You can create your own targeted talent pools (circles) quickly and easily for free
3. You can send send content to these targeted talent pools
4. Many candidates have full profiles with all their contact details on (!!!)
5. You can create and build fully tailored communities
6. You have a video conferencing platform for ten people for free - and it is brilliant!
is it something you really want to ignore?
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