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Lorena Berrocal

on 17 April 2013

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Lorena Berrocal 14.06 Text Questions 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the digital darkroom as compared to a regular darkroom? The advantages of a digital darkroom is that it allows the photographer to make minor changes to improve a photograph. The disadvantage is that the more you want your picture to come out better you would need to waste your time or be patient to get the picture and buy a better camera. 2. What are layers? Why would a layer be used? Layers are a feature in some software programs that separates various elements in an image. A layer would be used to put a sort of transparency or overlay a image on the photo that you have. 3. Which photo editing software program is the best? Why? There is really no answer on which, "Which software program is the best" because it depends on you. The best software is the one that fits to you. Its the one that fits to your skills and the price range. 4. Some people argue that photography should represent the world as it is and that maipulations of an image with photo editing software ruins the truth of the photography. do you agree or disagree? Why? I disagree with that because if you take a normal photo without photo editing it will be plain, you wont here "WOW, what a beautiful picture". Also almost all the photos that deal with nature is photo edited. 5. What are the advantages of using a photo editing software program? what are the disadvantages? Advantages- 1. Contains a lot features, you can fix the color (make it darker or lighter), and you can make it more straight.
Disadvantages- 1. Photoshop is expensive, it can get confusing, to much time. 6. Choose one photograph that you have taken that could be improved by photo editing. Describe what you would change in the photograph and what tools or features you would use to make the changes. 7. What are the different changes that a photo editing software program con make? The different changes that a photo editing software program can make is image scaling, cropping, color adjustments, put layers on the photo, have a perspective control, noise reduction and filters. 8. What are the three different photo editing software programs? Three different photo editing software programs are the Lightzone, PaintShop Pro and PhotoPlus. 10. What are some of the legal and ethical issues that could result from using manipulated photographs? Do altered photographs represent the "truth"? That you cant manipulated photographs if you are messing with someones picture or body. No alter doesn't represent the truth because if the person wants the take of fat of make that person look prettier it's not the real you. 9. If you had the option to use any photo editing software program, which one would you choose? Why? What advantages would this software offer your particular style of the photography or your skills? I would use Adobe Photoshop to edit my photos because, it's the one that i feel more comfortable and easiest for me. I mainly just need a photo editing software program for exposure, temperature, and the shadows. I took this photo when I was on the plane. I would edit this photo because it doesn't have much light in it. I would also put a little bit of more shadow and more contrast from the clouds and the sky. BEFORE AFTER
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