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Head Girl Presentation

No description

naomi kennard

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Head Girl Presentation

Head Girl Presentation Naomi Kennard Why I Want To Be Head Girl Want to give back
to the school The school would benefit
from my ideas and creativity I will have good designs for when helping to
make the yearbook. I want to take on the responsiblity of Head Girl/Senior Team to increase my confidence and develop my peoples skills further. To be a role model like previous Head Girls have been to me. I have good staff and pupil relationships and feel that I could use this to my advantage. I want to improve the community
aspect at our school and work on the relationships between upper and lower years. My Qualites A Strong Leader Trustworthy Enthusiastic Responsible Good Public
Speaker Friendly Determined dedicated My Ideas Students Board Every student can see a list of after school and lunchtime activities, room changes when exams are on and photos of recent school trips or activities. They can also write down any ideas to be mentioned at the school council meeting and nominate charities for future mufti days. Prefects Trained In Heart To Heart I am keen to improve the community feel at our school and connect both upper and lower year groups. I feel that prefects should be trained in heart to heart so the younger students can feel comfortable talking to someone who they know about problems whenever and not just on selected days. Good Team member
and Listener Reliable Made friends in outside of school clubs easily and get along well with my peers and younger students Patrol Leader in Scouts Mock Election
and Jack Petchey. Been Comitted to clubs for many years Dance Club Students or professional teachers come in one day after school to teach the dance class a different type of dance each week : for example, I could teach ballet and another girl could teach Bollywood style then Contemporary .This would enhance multi-culturalism and being part of a community through school. Community Invite local business owners and local residents to come
to an open day to iilustrate pupils achievements and talents
and hopefully start connections with the public over talents
rather than complaints over student’s behaviour. To enhance Catholic life at school I think
that KS3 forms should take it inturns
to go to St Josephs weekly. Thank You
Naomi Kennard
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