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ERG Theory

lisa hannigan

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of Alderfer

Alderfer : ERG Theory Frustration-regression Thank you for your attention! These are all this basic human needs, psychological and physical . Needs such as hunger, warmth, sex and thirst.

Maslow, had this as his lowest two levels in the heirarchy in his needs theory. If this level wasn't fulfilled then progression would not happen.

As you will see, Alderfer suggests that other needs can be worked on and fulfiled at any time and can be interrelated. He sauggests that working simulateaously enhances motivation and achievement This is any of the social and external needs.

For example family involvement, social engagements and positive relationships with work colleagues

This relates to the middle two levels on Maslows' Heirarchy of Needs. Internal esteem and self actualization

This implies the individuals needs for growth via meaningful tasks, fulfillment, creativity and being productive.

Theory X (MacGregor, 1960) people may struggle with this level as they lack the motivation to think more creatively and complete tasks using their own initiative.

This would be the final teir on the Maslows' heiracharchy
Existence Relatedness Growth Alderfer suggests that where a subordinate struggles with a particular need and progessions is halted, then frustration sets in and the resort back (regression) to a need that is easier to achieve Final thoughts:
It is important that managers are aware of what stage there employees are at in the ERG needs theory. If an employee is struggling to progress then knowing whats they 'need' as a manager you may be able to alleviate barriers and avoid the frustration-regression stage.
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