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No description

Eduardo Vazquez

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of 2pac

2pac background
He was born in bronx,New York
He died at the age of 25
the type of genre 2pac did was rap/hip-hop.
Some of his music was political rap.
Political rap is when it talks about how the world is diong but diong it in a rap where most young people can understand and music is a great way to get out the word.
He was also involve in the east-side--west-side riverly during the riverly 2pac made the hit song CALIFORNIA LOVE
He had problems with death row records and he was,also a rival with Biggie smalls
1.2pacalypse Now
2.Strickly 4 my Ni**as
3. Thug Life vol.1
4.Me against the World
5.All eyes on Me
6.Don killuminati
7.R U still down
8.Greatest Hits
9.Still i rise
10.The Rose that grew from concrete
2pac received the 3 awards he won were for :favorite artist/rap/-1996
best rap album of the year(All eyez on Me)-1996,Best rap album of the year(Me Against the World)-1995
he had earn is most records that had sold in a week
if you listen carefully 2pac gives to his community
by giving advice in his music and that advice goes to the whole world
He actually owned a Charity but was later change because of a story his mother had told him about a dying boy that wanted to meet 2pac ,so when he went to go see the boy,days later the boy had died and after the boy died, 2pac change the Charity name to the boys name,(joshua's dream)
11.Until the End of Time
12.Loyal to the Game
13.Best of 2pacs part 1:thug
15.Best of 2pacs part 2:Life
16.Resurrection sound track
17.Evolution:Duets and remixes
18.Pac's Life
19.Better Dayz
20.Makaveli-the Don Killimati:The 7 day Theory

Before 2pac was a raper he attended Balle when he was in college
He was last seen with the producer of DEATHROW RECORDS befor he got shot 5 times and did 7 days later
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