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Stargirl by J. Spinelli

No description

Karisma Ortiz

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Stargirl by J. Spinelli

Stargirl by J. Spinelli
The novel takes place in the time period of the 1980s. This novel also takes place in Mica High School in Arizona.
Stargirl is a new student at Mica High School. On the first day of school it was obvious her personality separated her from the crowd. Many enjoyed her presence but there was one girl who despised Stargirl her name was Hillari Kimble.
Archie Hapwood: Wise, Well-known, Oddball
Hillari Kimble: Bully, Popular, Ruthless
Stargirl Caraway: Outgoing, Rebel, Aberrant
Leo Borlock: Shy, Confused, Leader
One event that depicts the theme of courage is when Stargirl sings happy birthday to Leo. Another event that depicts the theme of courage is when Stargirl was helping the injured basketball player. The last event is when Stargirl got slapped by Hillari Kimble in front of everyone at prom.
1. "It did not occur to me that I was being watched. We are all here being watched."-Leo (page 2) Stargirl was looking for a reason to do something nice for someone.
2. "Star people are rare. You will be lucky to meet another." -Archie (page 177) Archie was speaking to Leo about Stargirl.
3. " She's not real." -Hillari Kimble -Stargirl
Stargirl Caraway
1. Stargirl is known as outgoing because of her need to want to help others.
2. Stargirl is also known as a rebel because she doesnt follow the crowd.
3. Lastly, Stargirl is known as aberrant because she is
Leo Borlock
1. Leo is seen as shy because he keeps to himself and stays "behind the curtain".
2. Leo is also confused when it comes to the actions that Stargirl makes.
3. Leo is also a leader and he enjoys being in control.
1. Archie is known as wise because of his past experiences in life.
2.Archie is well-known to students because he provides advice to many adolesence.
3. Archie is also known as an oddball because he speak to a cactus.
Hillari Kimble
1. Hillari is describes as a bully because she puts down anyone that gets more attention than her.
2. Hillari is also known as being popular because of how controlling she is.
3. Lastly, Hillari is known as ruthless because of slapping of Stargirl.
Plot 2
But soon enough they all turned against her, one of them happening to be Leo Borlock. Leo Borlock was a boy at her high school that Stargirl had liked and became close friends with. Since many had stopped talking to her the fact that Leo was still hanging out with Stargirl caused great altercations.
Stargirl by J. Spinelli
By Karisma Ortiz #22

Plot 3
The first event is the changing of Stargirl's personality. Leo Borlock became irritated with being ignored around school. So, Leo convinced Stargirl that she needed to be normal. This event played a major role throughout the book because of the consequences it has on the main character Stargirl.
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