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Social Technology

No description

casey turner

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Technology

Socializing! My favorite use
of technology Not only... Facebook Myspace Twitter Wetpaint But also.... Online Games Why Games? Super fun! And you meet TONS
of different people, LOLcats & Not only a hobby but a place to make friends and chat about anything. Kind of like AIM or MSN Live--just with a twist. .... And LOLcats??? who doesn't enjoy LOLcats?! This isn't an LOLcat But it's still funny :) How is this useful? Gaming is a hobby of mine.
I wouldn't necessarily say
that it is USEFUL.. however,
it is one of my favorite
pastimes. I have made some GREAT
friends through online
gaming and chatting. Our "guild" even puts
together annual meetings
so we can meet up with
eachother in real life. Sound silly? I think not. I've received
A TON of negative feedback
from my gaming hobby, and
this meeting in real life
thing... But I wouldn't have met
the great friends that I have
if technology didn't make
it possible to easily
interact with so many people. In Conclusion.. My favorite part of technology
is the ability to easily and
quickly communicate with others ...no matter what
the medium ! Form relationships, ("penpals" for years even)
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