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Hodson Elementary Library Orientation 2012

No description

Angela Greenlee

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Hodson Elementary Library Orientation 2012

Who is the new LIBRARIAN
at Hodson Elementary?

I am
Ms. Greenlee or you can call me
Ms. G
I love to READ and I love to talk about BOOKS!

I want to know what books you
Here is a video showing a few of my favorite books...

Think about YOUR favorite book...
What BOOKS would be on your video ?
This library is for the Whole School. We want
every single student to feel welcome and safe here!

These are not my books!

The BOOKS here are for EVERYONE! So everyone must help to take care of them and to make this a fun place!
Basic Hodson Library
Slide about Food and Drinks
The Different Sections of the Library

What kinds of BOOKS do we have here?

All along the back wall is the Non-Fiction
Section of the library.

These are shelved and placed using the Dewey
Decimal System...

These Books are about specific topics like
Bugs, Countries, or Outer Space. This way if you want a book on a certain topic you will be able to find several all in one place. Each topic has a special number assigned to it and may look like this on the spine:


Books in this section are shelved first by their Dewey Number and then Alphabetically by the author's last name.

Look on the signs for help or just ask! We want you to find the BOOKS you need!
One more thing about the
Dewey Decimal System
The long row in the middle
that says EVERYONE has great picture
books and wonderful stories for beginning
and advanced readers.

These books are shelved alphabetically by the
authors last name. They are marked with an E.
May look like this on the spine:


There are also a few signs up so you can find your favorite books!

If you need help...ask!
The section along the side wall
is the FICTION section. These are books about
made up stories.

The possibilities are ENDLESS
you may find a mystery, an adventure story, or
a book about someone just like you ;-)

These books are shelved alphabetically by the author's last name. And may look like this on the spine:


Looking for a special book or author?
Just ask!
The short shelf on the other side of the Fiction books and next to the classroom area are the BIOGRAPHIES.

These are books that give us facts and details about the lives of famous or historic people.

Biographies are shelved alphabetically by the person's last name. For example: if you were wanting a book about George Washington...the spine may look like this:


Who do you want to learn more about?
Need help? Ask!
The REFERENCE section is located on the low shelf under the white board.

This section has Encyclopedias, Atlases, Almanacs, Dictionaries, and Thesauruses. They may not be checked out but they can be used in the Library.

If you need assistance...ask!
IMPORTANT things you need to know about checking out books!

*How Many Books can you check out?

*If you need more books for a school project let
me know so you can get the information you need.

*There are no late fees, but you may not check out more books until all of your books are brought back.

*If you lose or damage a book you will need to pay for it so it can be replaced.
Other Places in the Library
Library Centers

These are located on the three round
tables in the back. If you come in with your
class and finish early, you may sit down to read or do one of the activities set out on the tables.

Centers will change each month, but there will always be a Book Recommendation table. Let everyone know what books you LOVED. You make write a review or draw a picture from your favorite book.

Check out the other centers to see what is there. Directions and ideas will be posted.

Learn. Ask questions. Have fun!
Circulation Desk
How do I check in
and check out BOOKS???
This is my FAVORITE PART!!!

Getting a new book is like meeting
a new friend...who knows the great places your book may take you????
Check OUT in 3 Steps
1. Scan Your Index Finger and make sure
YOUR name comes up.

2. Scan your book and make sure the title appears under your name.

3. Reset the screen by scanning the green paddle.
If you have not checked out a book before it will
take practice. If you see a friend who needs help...help them :-)

If you need assistance or if you are not sure your book checked out...always ask!

I'm here to help!
If for some reason the finger
scanner is not working...ask Ms. Greenlee for help.

We can check out your book by your last name!

I want to make sure everyone who wants a book is able to check one out!!
Check IN a book
in 2 steps
1. Scan your book by the Check In computer. Make sure it checks IN!

2. Put your book on the cart next to the check in
desk or on the overflow cart.
Where does my book go on the
A few more things to know...
When you come in to check out a book, take a paddle to use as
a shelf marker.

This helps everyone keep our
books in order so we can find them faster.
Paddles are located on the
circulation desk in purple containers
There is also a black container next to the shelf markers
that says Wish List...

If you know of new books we need in the library
or you have a fun idea or comment. Please let me
know here.

Remember this is YOUR library!
We have to all help each other
and be respectful at all times...

If you see that Ms. Greenlee is reading a book to students or teaching a library class and you need help or have a question...

Please wait until I have a free moment, or ask another adult in the room, or write down your question for me and leave it on the desk.

Thank you in advanced for your patience ;-)
A little bit about picking a good book...

I think when picking out a book you need to think about two main things...

1. Do I love it?
Does the book interest you? Do you want to find out more about the characters or the subject matter?

2. Can you easily read and understand most of the words?

Like I said earlier...try different kinds of books
to see what you like and what you don't.

If you check out a book you don't like you can always return it to get another one :-)

Just Keep READING!
Color coded
reading level charts
are located on the walls.

How can we take care of the books
we check out???
It is a good idea to keep your books
in your backpack when you
are not reading them. This will help keep them
clean and also helps you not to lose it!
If you notice a book
is damaged or falling apart...please
put it in our Book Hospital. It is located next
to the check in computer. Thank you for your help!
If a book has an AR test there
will be a YELLOW sticker on the book

...Now let's go find
a BOOK to READ!!!
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