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No description

Ada Wan

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of TQM

Belaire CASINO HOTEL Zimbabwe Background Fish Bone Diagram Biggest Issue Restaurant Six Sigma D M A I C Define critical outputs Identify gaps for improvements Measure the work Collect process data Checklist Restaurant and Food operation Food and Beverage Control Interior Area Checklist Divided into FOUR parts Service Quality Management Comment Card
- The voice of customers Communication platform with our
front line staff Human Resources
Department Sales and Marketing
Department Data Measure the current performance Collect data from different sources Analyze the data Roots causes of
the problem Strategies :
more capability to focus
on the current problem Improve the Process Because...... Service & Customer expectation intangibile unstable Extensive Training Course Customer Concept How to face customers in
moments of truth ? Review the
training methods Review the
standard of service O ften Communication
Platform Control the new process to make sure
new performance is maintained Top management Level - Low management Level Restaurant commitments and Objectives Follow all the instruction and guideline Make the improvement permanent Achieve high level of performance results Histogram 50 rooms located 2700 kilometers Pareto Charts the capital, Harare Conference Center Destination Resort Serves as.... Main restaurant serves as set lunch &
set dinner Second restaurant: an A La Carte menu Recommendations Edward Deming 's 14 points
of quality management Six Sigma Checklist Analyze the data : Pareto Chart Histogram Fish Bone Diagram Edward Deming's 14 pionts
of quality management Create constancy of purpose Clear statement of company's mission Improve product & service Competitive Create constancy of purpose Example : Adopt the new philosophy Continuous Improvement Understanding customer satisfaction Stick Staff Room Kitchen Staff Locker Staff Washroom Adopt the new philosophy Example : Review their
service and product
frequently Recommendation Customers
comment Restaurant Cease dependence on mass inspection Mass inspection Improving production processes Instead of detecting & correcting errors Cease dependence on mass inspection Example : Restaurant Supervise Monitor quality Improve the quality of incoming materials 1 2 3 Consistent Quality Reliability Price Improve the quality of incoming materials Example : Restaurant The
cheapest Meet the
quality and budget Continuously improve production Production & service system Fact find the problems Continuously improve production Example : Restaurant Waste Cost Productivity Train and educate all employees Provide training Perform the job correctly Train and educated all employees Example : Restaurant Statistical Method Understand the required
& expectation Update hardware with
clear instruction AIMS Find out ..... what was wrong with the service quality management ? Recommend .... Some suggestions to further improve the service quality Conclusion : "Belaire Casino Hotel" Restaurant - poor service quality management Carry out some continuous improvements & fully adopted Review regularly Avoid the failure occur again Word of mouth Positive impression Finally.... THE END THANK YOU Group Member: Tong Ka Ching , Hebe
Tsung Wing Yan , Nicole
Wan Nga Shuk , Ada
Wong Hoi Shan , Stella
Wong Sin Lam , Miki
Yan Wai Yung , Angel Q & A
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