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Application Forms


Mr Douglass

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Application Forms

Airedale Factor
Level 4 - Recognised that badly worded questions will lead to poor results.

Level 4 - Added further questions after checking work.

Level 4 - Demonstrated some consistency in terms of the overall layout, making good use of space

Level 5 - Sequenced questions in a logical order with similar questions grouped together.

Level 5 Created a professional aplication form which is entirely consistent and contains no errors

Level 6 - designed the application form in whatever software they feel is appropriate.

Level 6 - identifed a good range of questions, including ones not necessarily discussed with the group. The Airedale Factor - TASK 3

Lesson Objectives: Know –- That application forms need to include important information such as name and address

Understand –- What extra information should be included and what it is used for.

Be able to -– Create an application form for Airedale Factor, including all relevant information and logo.
Lesson Outcomes: What information is used on the following application forms? Your Task:
Create an application form for the Airedale Factor

Include any information you think will be required for a contestant to apply

Include your logo that you have created in previous lessons Success Criteria Application for should be clear to read

Questions should be well spaced out

Should contain enough information for a contestant to apply for show http://application.xfactor.tv/application/solo
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