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Homeless Youth

Lisa Rangel

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Lisa

Homeless Youth
Presented By *Aimee *Jaime *Katie *Lisa *Natalie
Liz Murray Life on the Streets
Why youth are staying homeless:

1/3 would not use shelters
2/3 are drawn to escape rules of mainstream society
3/4 take care of themselves
Are well respected by peers in their group
Take pride in their self-reliance
20% of youths said staying in shelter is a weakness
Over 1/2 mentioned their use of shelters depended on the effects of their substance use
Effects of drugs
1/5 said leaving their street family would be detrimental
Turning Points
Primary Cause
Home Before Homeless
Reasons Youth are Marginalized
Weakened or Severed family and Social Ties
Tells of Her Experience
Common Stereotypes

People would say they are all
Nuisances (Trouble makers)
Miscreants (misbehaves badly or is breaking the law)
Living on the Streets
Bridging Cultural Differences

See homeless youth and acknowledge them as people
Offer assistance (Volunteer work, money, offer employment, offer affordable housing)
It only takes one person to change the life of one homeless kid. Just one. You can get involved with a national organization or find something closer to home and make a difference in your own community.
Shelters not having unrealistic expectations, and a safe environment
Government should offer the United States Citizens even youth assistance to get on their feet
People with homeless experience assisting in counselor and placement in employment
Breaking Point
The breaking point is when they have to decide do I stay or do I leave. Is it better out there?
Reason Youth are Still living on the Streets.
I have no one

Abuse (physical, sexual, verbal and mental)
Pregnancy (sexually active)
Substance Abuse (parents or youth)
Foster Care
Prison / Juvenile Corrections System (parent or youth)
Unaffordable Housing
Mental Illness
Sexual Orientation
Family Conflicts
Economic Problems
Residential Instability
Why Youth Leave Home
Struggles Being Homeless
Adapting to the streets
Struggling to fit in and finding connections
Dealing with addiction
Reluctance to ask for help
Success Story
Heather Mills is a fashion model that has defeated the odds.
1. I dont see them those numbers cant be true.

2. They are abusing drugs or hanging with the wrong crowd. They're lazy.

3. Homelessness is their choice. They can go home.

4. It is cheaper to lock them up.

5. The problem is so big I can't possibly make a difference.
Where Youth Are Homeless On The Streets
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