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Plate Tectonics Concept map project

No description

Kevy Park

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Plate Tectonics Concept map project

Foundation Continental Drift Theory Plate Tectonics Kevin and Wesley's Concept map That's it! Evidence Results Evidence Results Seafloor Spreading Proposed by Alfred Wegener in 1912.
published book about the Continental Drift in 1915
Supported by the Seafloor Spreading Theory Shapes of Continents suggest that they could fit together.
Folding Mountains: South America and the West Coast of Africa.
Glacial Deposits in tropical areas.
Coal Deposits (only created in humid areas) found in Antarctica.
Fossils suggest that animals must have migrated, but can only go across continents if it is one land mass. REJECTED

*insert annoying loud voice people singing here Anyway, he was rejected for two reasons:
He couldn't tell how the continents drifted
It was also hard to believe that land moved. The Seafloor Spreading theory was developed by Henry Hess
It was based on sonar(SOund Navigation And Ranging) Extra Information about SONAR:
It was first used in water by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1490, and was developed in America during the 1930s, and was coined "SONAR" during WWII. Discovered the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (A mountain under water)
Newer rocks found in middle of ocean.
Older rocks found near continents
Earth crust recycled using subduction. Henry Hess supported the Continental Drift Theory and proved that it was correct
He supported his own theory with evidence using Sonar.
It showed that land moves.
Made people understand that the impossible could happen. The end-
Kevin and Wesley
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