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Nursing Care Plan

No description

Mary Ruby Sylvester

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Nursing Care Plan

Nursing Care Plan
Down Syndrome
Down syndrome is a genetic condition that causes delay in physical and intellectual development
There is extra genetic material from chromosome 21, so individuals with Down Syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of 46 chromosomes
Nursing Diagnosis
Ineffective family coping, compromised related to child with Down Syndrome
Nursing Diagnosis
Impaired verbal communication related to impaired receptive or expressive skills
Nursing Diagnosis
Risk for infection related to decreased muscle tone and poor drainage of mucous
Nursing Interventions
provide environmental stimulation in a supervised setting
Nursing Intervention
Talk slowly and use pictures and articles when communicating
Nursing Intervention
Enlist the help of a speech therapist
Nursing Diagnosis
Delayed growth and development related to impaired ability to achieve developmental tasks
Nursing Intervention
Provide resources to the parents of therapeutic programs and activities to address developmental delays in the early years
Nursing Intervention
modify gross motor and sensory activities
Nursing Intervention
Teach family good hand washing
Nursing Intervention
Rinse the toddler's mouth with water after feeding and at other times of the day when dry
Rationale: Mucous membranes are dry due to constant mouth breathing
Nursing Intervention

Involve the parents in the care of the child. Explain procedures and treatment.
Rationale: Involvement in the child's care lessens parental anxiety and fear of unknown
Nursing Intervention
Allow parents to verbalize questions, concerns, and feelings. Refer parents to support groups or other resources as needed
Rationale: Emotional support is needed to lessen anxiety
Anticipatory Guidance
assist parents in understanding what the developmental needs are of the child at each stage of life
helps to relieve the fear and anxiety of the unknown at each stage
Complications Related to Down Syndrome
delayed language, social and motor development
congenital heart disease
respiratory infections
gastrointestinal blockages/problems
thyroid dysfunctions
Rationale: This prevents the spread of bacteria and communicable diseases
Rationale: who can help develop a program specific to the toddler's needs
Rationale: Doing so gives the child time to process what is being said and reinforces what is being communicated
Rationale: to accommodate the toddler's limitations and promote a sense of autonomy
Rationale: in order to reach their developmental potential later in childhood
Rationale: environmental enrichment that includes social interactions and activities are essential for development in children with cognitive impairments
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