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Religions & sects in the USA

No description

Jenny B.

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Religions & sects in the USA

One nation under God
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
Thank you!

America is religious
- What is the origin of religiousness?
- The puritans
- One nation under God
- Scientology
- The Amish
- The Davidians
- Broken Dreams
Metal is not tolerated
- video
Do you think that people in the USA are religious?
Religions & sects in the USA
Metal is not tolerated
The Puritans
solus Christus- only Christ

sola gratia- only by the grace of God

sola fide- only one faith

sola scriptura- only the scripture (Bible)
founded by the Science-Fiction-author L. Ron Hubbard

much disputed in public;

In 1953 the Church of Scientology was founded

The core of the scientology philosophy: “Thetan”

the will to survive -> the Scientology-cross

The Church of Scientology has a very hierarchic organisation structure

- The Church of Scientology

The ABLE-Network

-the World Institute of Scientology

other Organisations

famous members : John Travolta, Tom Cruis
The Amish
live in the USA
do not use any sort of modern technology
very religious
live especially in Pennsylvania
are speaking Pennsylvanian German
The Amish- History

were part of the early Anabaptists
had to flee
lived in Switzerland and south Germany
1693 Jacob Ammans followers were called the Amish
1720s first groups of Amish arrived
only one interpretation of the Bible (the „Ordnung“)
only adults should be baptized
against interaction with “strangers“
against individualism and greed
family is most important
separated gender roles
obedience is expected
Are the Amish a sect?
Definition of a sect:
A sect is a religious group that has separated from a larger religion and is considered to have extreme or unusual beliefs or customs.
What is the origin of religiousness?
were a group of people who were discontent with the Church of England

wanted to will come up to religious, moral and social reforms of the Bible

John Calvin

theology is based on the absolute holiness of God
The Calvinism - four principles
Pennsylvanian Amish beliefs
Sects- The Davidians

was the prophet of the Branch Davidians
members called him "Jesus"
died in waco at a fire
David Koresh
Branch Davidians

American religious group (sect)
"Davidian Seventh Day Adventists"
David Koresh was their leader
Siege of their colony 1993 in Texas
Illegal gun possession
Sieged by the FBI
Members set a blaze ans that's the death for 82 members and David Koresh
Religious beliefs of David Koresh
Millenaristic believe (live in the end time of the last judgement)
People from the Branch Davidians lament to their "Jesus"
They say, that he died like he always wanted to die
Broken Dream
equal rights, also for religion
also for the membership of a sect
siege from Branch Davidians are a part of the "Broken Dream"
not everybody is allowed to live like they wanted to
many sects are not accepted from the country
Broken Dream
"We will have a Crusade" (George W. Bush)
11th September 2001
crusade to defeat terrorism
crusades are from the middle age
the islam is responsible for terror
Jenny Becker
Lissa Spliethöver
Seda Kavlak
Eda Demirezen
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