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Create learning games

How to create and use interactive learning games using the What2Learn game generator.

John Rutherford

on 15 May 2010

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Transcript of Create learning games

How do you make
an edu-game? What edu-games can
you make at What2Learn? How can you use
your edu-games? Why make edu-games? Play online Embed in websites Embed in PowerPoint Embed in Moodle Use as assessment tool Skydiver A great game for developing literacy and subject-specific
vocabulary. An anagram-based game, students see the
answer jumbled at the bottom of the screen. Will all
questions be answered in time to open the parachute? Safari Hangman The classic game of hangman but given an animated,
colorful twist. Students click on the letters to guess the
word. Each wrong letter brings dinner time for the lion
a little bit closer. Interactive Wordsearch Wordsearches have always been popular within schools
but really have very limited real educational value - until
now! Students must match the clue to the list of possible
answers and then find the word in the letter grid. Zombie Boxing In this exciting game students battle the undead by
answering quiz questions. Based on a hangman engine,
students must type the letters they think will be in the
answer to win the fight. Cattle Collector Multiple-choice quizzes and tests have never been
this fun! Students fly their UFO around the American
plains abducting cattle as they go. Questions must be
answered correctly to power the UFO. and many... many... many... more. Creating interactive edu-games Games created at What2Learn are
highly flexible and can be used in
a wide range of ways... The most powerful way to use the What2Learn game generator:
Make your learning games, add them to a topic in What2Learn and see the scores your students get in your games.

The automated reports teachers can access make using learning games at What2Learn a highly effective assessment and homework tool.

See the What2Learn teacher guide at http://www.what2learn.com/teacher-guide/ for full guidance on this. Every game you make using the What2Learn game generator is instantly given it's own web page with an easy to remember URL. It can instantly be played over the Internet.

Bookmark it to play later, share the link with others, link to it from your own site. Alongside every game you make with
the What2Learn game generator you
will see some embed code. By using this code you can add your game into our own website.

Simply copy this code and paste it into the source code of your blog or website and your game will instantly appear. You can add any user-generated game at What2Learn
to a PowerPoint presentation. This is a great way to
add interactivity and interest to your presentations.

Full details on how to do this can be found at
Any user-generated game at What2Learn
can be quickly and easily added to a course
in Moodle.
This provides a great way of adding a bit of
interest and colour to your courses in Moodle.
It also gives students an opportunity to
develop and demonstrate their knowledge
of the subject.
Full instructions on how to do this are at
http://www.what2learn.com/moodle_games/ Making games using the game generator
at What2Learn is incredibly easy. Simply
go to http://www.what2learn.com/ and
select from the great range of game
engines you are shown.

Once you have chosen your game you simply
need to fill in a form to provide the game
title, questions and answers. Once you have
done this your game is instantly made.

So easy anybody can do it! In fact, so easy
that many teachers use it to get students to
create their own learning games on a given
Educational games can bring a wide range of
incredible benefits for students and teachers including:

Great for motivating difficult to reach students.
Ideal for breaking up lessons or for fun starters and plenaries.
Instant feedback encourages learning through repetition.
Can be played outside the classroom environment.
Use of automated reporting tools can reduce teacher marking.

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