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G.A. Cakes

math project due Nov. 5th

Anna Cole

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of G.A. Cakes

G.A. Cakes The manager
gets paid $939.43 per
hour. The boss gets
$942.45 per hour. As the
owners of G.A. Cakes we
supervise EVERYTHING
We also take many challenges and try to sculpt with our sculpters and decorate with our decorators! G.A Cakes is a bakery in
Atlanta, Georgia. We create
awesome and delicious
bakery delicacies! G.A. cakes
is happy to help our customers
with all of their cravings
or celebrations! Our cake decorator is Katy Perkins.
Katy is in charge of getting
supplies for decorating
the cakes if needed and
helps pipe icing on the
cake and puts fondant on
the cake. Katy gets paid 442.99 per hour. For our respected driver,
Patton, we pay him $109.20
per ride. Patton takes the
cakes to the designated location.
d h
y Don't
Patton!!! Kelin Price is our sculptor.
Kelin is in charge of sculpting our masterpieces! She is payed $519.10 an hour. AJ is our treasurer. He is
in charge of the bills.
(you now what that
means, simple math AJ!)
He gets paid
$134.24 per hour. X Y Manager!!!!!!
X= hours
Y= money 0 0
1 939.43
8 7,505.44
20 18,788.60
40 37,577.20 Our equation to solve
all of that is y=kx
manger = y=939.43x
boss = y=942.45x
decorator = y=442.99x
driver = y=109.20x
sculptor = y=134.24x
y is the total amount of
money earned and
x is the amount of
hours. 0 $0
1 $939.43
8 $7,515.44
20 $18,788.60
40 $37,577.20
170 $159,703.10
2040 $1,916,437.20 X Y Boss!!
x = hours
y = money 0 $0
1 $942.45
8 $7,539.60
20 $18,849.00
40 $37,698.00
170 $160,215.50
2040 $1,922,586.00 X Y Decorator
y=money 0 $0
1 $442.99
8 $3,543.92
20 $8,859.80
40 $17,719.60
170 $75,308.30
2040 $903,699.60 X Y Driver
X= delivery
Y= money 0 $0
1 $109.20
8 $873.60
20 $2,184.00
40 $4,368.00
170 $18,564.00
2040 $222,768.00 X Y Sculptor
X= hours
Y= money 0 $0
1 $519.10
8 $4,152.80
20 $10,382.00
40 $20,764.00
170 $87,977.00
2040 $1,055,724.00 X Y Treasurer
x= hours
y= money 0 $0
1 $139.24
8 $1,073.92
20 $2,684.80
40 $20,764.00
107 $22,820.20
2040 $273,842.40 G.A. Cakes needs a new receptionist.
The job pays $267.89 an hour
and includes a very comfy chair!! Help Wanted The other opening is for a janitor. The janitor gets payed 72.56 an hour. The janitor is responsible for all the messes in the kitchen. We need a baker
boy to help
us bake all of our
cakes and cupcakes
it pays $284.47 per
hour. Help Wanted G.A. Cakes is searching for a worthy little
lady to help our
one and only
decorator, Katy. The
job pays $379.76 per hour. Katy has done a phenomenal job as our
decorator so we are giving her
a 25% raise. Now she gets
94,131.05 a month! Here is her
new data after getting a raise
6 months in. Decorator
Y=money X Y 1 75,308.30
2 150,610.60
3 225,915.90
4 301,221.10
5 376,526.40
6 451,831.70
RAISE Y=94,131.05X
7 545,962.75
8 640,093.80
9 734,224.85
10 828,355.90
11 922,486.95
12 1,016,618.00 We have decided
to also
give A.J a raise.
He has been a very
good piggy! Treasurer
Y=money X Y 1 22,820.20
2 45,640.40
3 68,460.60
4 91,280.80
5 119,101.00
6 141,921.20
RAISE Y=28,025.25X
7 170,446.40
8 198,971.70
9 221,436.95
10 249,969.20
11 278,487.40
12 307,012.65 Essential Questions!!! INEQUALITIES 939.43= X X is equal to any other job in the business and
939.43 is what the manager gets payed. 1. Direct variation refers to 2 variables directly related to each other.
1A.) Y=KX
1B.) Y over X =k
1C.) It can be shown in a graph as long as the line is straight. 2. Always use the equation Y=KX then substitute for X and Y. 3. 45=(K)5
In this example you divide 45 by 5 and that equals K 4. An inequality has symbols (<, >, =, <, and, >) and an
equation is equal to something unlike an inequality. X>15 We need 15 or more people to work at the bakery. X is how many people can work at the bakery. X<5 The bakery has less than 5 pounds
of fondant ready to be used. X is how many pounds of fondant already rolled out. X>215 G.A. Cakes' address is higher up on the block than number 215. X is the real address of G.A. Cakes. X<17 G.A. Cakes is getting a T.V show! We don't like channels 18 and up so we will be on a channel that is 17 or below. X is the actuall channel that we will be on. X< 999,999,999,999,999 We have less than or maybe even equal too 999,999,999,999,999 customers breaking down our doors. X is how many customers there are. l The graphs that show the raise after six months for Katy and A.J. is not a direct variation, because you can't plug it into the equation, y=kx and the line is not strait in the graph and therefore it is not a direct variation. Does this graph show a direct variation?
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