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Technology By Lily Smith

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Technology By Lily Smith

Before harvesting
Ready for storage To the markets
After scanner
Step 2
Step 3 Step 4
Step 6 Step 7
To avoid bruising, the bins are then placed in and filled with water causing the apples to float. The bins are then lifted out of the water and drained. The apples are placed back into big crates then carried to a refrigerated room and kept just above freezing for a couple of weeks or months depending on the information taken from the scanner. Some apples are ready for marketing straight away.
Technology By Lily Smith 5/6N
Growing the orchard
Step 1
The sticker machine works like this: There is a vacuum cleaner like thing but pushes things out not sucking stuff in and that puts the stickers
on the apples. There is a motion censure that censures the apples and sends a message to the apple sticker machine and the vacuum cleaner that pushes things out puts a sticker on the apple. The reason why they have a motion censure is so they put the sticker down at the right time and not just continually and miss the apples and they would run out of stickers pretty fast.

1.To get the best quality apples they are grown in January and October
2.Apple orchards were first grown in Sydney 1867
3.Over 2.6billion apples are made each year
4.Apples consist of 25% air

From the tree to me
When orchards first get
planted they are grown in a
V shape to support the weight
of the apples and give more
exposure to sunlight.
One month before harvesting reflective material is laid between rows for sunlight to bounce onto the apples for them to grow. Then large fans are placed around the orchards to cycle air for the temperature to stay around the same until the end of the season.
Being collected
After collected
Big bins are placed
around the orchard
three days before
harvesting. Apple pickers
pick the apples by hand
then place the apples in
these bins.
The apples then float down into chutes of water to clean them and prevent bruising. After that they are rolled into a sorting line which then rolls them into a scanner that checks for: colour, shape (roundness) and bruising or other deformities. A computer then sorts the apples into groups based on this information.
After emerging from the scanner the apples are carried to long chutes of water based on the information taken from the scanner. Then the sorted apples float down the water chutes to be packed into bins for storage.
Step 5
When apples are ready to be packaged they go through another visual check to see if anything has gone wrong (bruised). Then a machine like a vacuum cleaner but the opposite so suck things in puts a sticker on each apple. Once they have got the sticker on the apples get sent down to people that pack the apples by hand into big crates and then packed into a chilled truck which drives the apples to the markets, Woolworths, Coles etc.
How does the sticker machine work?
4 Fun Facts
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