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dogs and budgies

No description

layyah year 5

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of dogs and budgies

Thank you for watching Dogs and what they eat Cute pets and fun to watch them fly they
eat millet out of your hand you can stroke
them and sit them go on your shoulder
they like seeds and carrots . There lovely pets
to play with and pet them. Budgie What not to do with dogs and
budgie You can not give dogs
grapes because the skin will get stuck in there throat and poisonous for them you cant give chocolate to dogs because its poisonous for them and when you first get a dog you have to leave them in the house for three weeks .

With budgies don't get two because they want like they will try to get away from you and want would not go on your finger because of the over budgie Exercise a dog. by Layyah dogs are great pets and cute cuddly pet and fun to play with and nice to stroke brush there hair and you can wash there eyes. budgie are cute they fly around the room stroke them play with them feed them pet them . dogs and budgie by layyah Dogs are very fussy my dog likes to eat carrots and lettuce but he likes dry food and grapes he plays with them and eats them but there bad for the dogs . You can take them for runs
and walks they like to play fetch and play in fieleds This was a presentation about
dogs and budgies .
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