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Sponsor Pitch


Claudia Engels

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Sponsor Pitch

Humanic Mechanic Meet the bloggers Serkan

"me the eye
me the smell
me the hair
me the kanus"
1 group, 13 different mindsets What gives you energy? Jessica

"a free spirited Asian" Judith

"ambitious collector of aesthetics" Claudia

"black & white photo's give me inspiration" Ashley
"inspired by friends" Iris
"working in progress" Karlijn

"no comment" Exploring What's considered normal in our society? Fieldtrips Biomimicry: from zoo to catwalk Germain kruip: Only the title remains The Book Guest lectures Media Avatar Martin Margiela Where did all the information go? An online platform where we...
share our research comment on each other Ask Questions To buy or not to buy? Ideals and beauty: what does it mean? What do we really need? Theme: Energy
AMFI Specialisation 2010
Start 1 February

To develop future scenarios in the field of fashion and translate them into
2D and 3D products.

branding, management & design background 4 phases
-creating the concept
-designing the products
-presenting our visions on the exhibition 4 scenario's:
-techmosphere Connecting the dots merging the virtual and the physical world Exhibition Trouw Building Amsterdam
6-8 July
opening hours 11.00-18.00 The guestlist
- About 700 people from the creative industry Total: €2045 Return favour
- Name dropping on flyer, poster & invitation
- Exhibition space at Trouw
- Link to our creative network Love Coat:
imitating the feeling
of a hug

-warmth - A network of young creatives with different backgrounds
- Innovative & inspiring visions on the future
- Interactive products and exhibtion
- Invest in our future visions? 1. Research phase 2. Concept phase 3. Design phase 4. Presentation phase 5. Financial plan Self sufficient chair
Eduardo McIntosh Perfectability Nature & technology Mental Techmosphere
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