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What Not To Wear!

Accounting Class

Ashleigh Woods

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of What Not To Wear!

What Not To Wear! Piercings Piercings in these areas make the interviewer
look unprofessional and careless about their decisions. Apparel Clothing that is not ordinary
or basically not a professional
suit that fits the job, You will
most likely not be considered
for that job. Hair Messy hair makes the interviewer
look lazy and unprofessional. Tattoos Visible tattoos make the interviewer look
rebellious, frightening, and unsuitable for the job. What You Should Wear! Apparel Presentable attire would benefit your chances on being hired. Piercings For A job interview their should be NO visible Tattoos on the face EXCEPT the ear lobes. Tattoos A tattoo-less face is a job face for a business job and others Hair Hair should be neat and away from the face. It makes you look professional and fierce.
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