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Native Delicacies

No description

Rina Gonzaga

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Native Delicacies

Native Delicacies
Filipinos are known for their native delicacies
Native delicacies generally use of rice as basic ingredient
Native delicacies can be an example of appetizers.
Most native delicacies are prepared in the traditional kalan, gilingan, kawa palayok and banana leaves
Native delicacies are made from indigenous ingredients mainly of glutinous or root crops-mixed with grated coconut or coconut milk; sugar or panutsa
Rice is the Filipinos' main staple food as bread is to Americans or pasta to the Italians
Characteristics of Native Delicacies

Products made from whole grain
1. Grains are disticnt and fully cooked
2. Firm, viscuous not mushy
3. Pleasing, shiny, uniform color
4. A well-blended sweetness and richness of coco cream and flavor
Products made of ground waxy rice or galapong
1. Firm, well cooked all over
2. Smooth, shiny feature
3. Viscuous consistency
4. Pleasing, uniform color
5. well-blended sweetness and flavor
Products made from rootcrops
1. well-formed, well shaped products
2. Firm, smooth and uniform texture
3. Pleasing color
4. Flavor predominant of a well blended richness and sweetness
5. A distinct predominant flavor of the specific product
Thank You!!!
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