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College Prezi

No description

Jamie Finn

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of College Prezi

What is PTS?







Training & Competency

Our grinding discipline operates through providing teams to meet the requirements of track maintenance projects nationwide. We can provide:

We provide the following services:

No one takes greater care over supplying personnel to the rail industry. We provide experienced individuals and teams for all sectors in the railway.
We put our clients at the core of everything we do, delivering expert solutions and an uncompromised approach to health and safety.
Established in 2001, the NRL Rail Division has extensive experience in this sector.
Why Choose NRL?
At NRL, our values are built around our clients, reflecting our passion for enabling them to succeed.
About NRL Rail
Our Services
Accreditations & Accomplishments
Our Values
Communication is the key to understanding our clients' needs and achieving the best outcome. We always keep things transparent.
We understand that honesty, trustworthiness and reliability are integral to a successful working relationship with our clients.
Effectively delivering the expertise needed across all sectors of our business. Our staff are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable.
Taking full responsibility for each outcome based on our recommendation or decision.
We look after our clients, putting them at the core of everything we do in order to create an environment in which we can work together.
S&C Inspection
Ultrasonic Inspection
"We are committed to our clients' success, that's why they can depend on our expertise at work."
Darren, NRL
Improving track performance
NRL's services reduce the probability of a delay by mitigating the rail defect, ensuring a smoother journey for passengers.
Reducing cost
NRL's Grinding service saves our clients money by providing an alternative to the high expense of rail replacement.
High health & safety standards
NRL Rail Divisions' staff are fully competent in performing pre and post grind inspections to ensure that the rail adheres to our high safety standards.
Confirmation of track integrity
Review of track condition and trends
Review work quality
Review proposal for track renewals or refurbishment work and advise clients
Review dynamic movement of the track
Planning of works
Grinding operatives
Pre and post weld inspections
Rolling contact fatigue removal
Rail roughness testing
Ultrasonic Testing
NRL's Ultrasonic Testing discipline is our longest running service to the rail industry. Our fully competent Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection Operatives identify:
Rail head damage
Vertical longitudinal splitting (VLS)
Significant rail corrosion
Lipping on rail adjustment switches
Areas of rolling contact fatigue (RCF)
Our URFDO's are provided with the minimum action codes (MAC) to ensure the correct course action is applied dependant on the type of defect identified.
NRL's Rail division has an established track record of delivering Signalling soltions to clients across the UK. We can provide:
Disconnection, reconnection and associated testing for plain line renewals
Installation and set-up of new point operating equipment
Removal, refitting and testing of Signalling point operating equipment
Short and long-term contracts
Nationwide coverage
Signalling maintenance as a stand-alone contract or supplementary labour
NRL's Rail Division offer certification, re-certification and assessment for the Sentinel competencies.

ISO 14001, ISO 18001 & ISO 9001 accredited
10 years of continuous work with Network Rail
36,000 points and crossings assets ground with no report defects attributed to NRL grinding activities
Zero personal accidents or RIDDOR reportable incidents in 1,200 days
Zero major accidents, incidents or close calls
Limited Environmental Impact
In-house safety training
All of our trainers and assessors have a wealth of experience in the rail industry and have been approved and accredited by NSARE.
We are committed to providing the best possible standard for training and assessment delivery.
rail division
For more information, contact NRL:
+44 (1324) 625 231
Follow NRL on social media:
When combined, these values form a unique way of doing business. We like to call this
'Nurturing Success'
"NRL's effective plain line grinding service helps us meet our track maintenance requirements."
Stacy, London Underground
"NRL's hand grinding service allows us to deliver our track treatment fleet and reduce rolling contact fatigue nationally."
Monica, Network Rail
Achieved a 5-star audit from Achilles RISQS
NRL Student Rail Safety Pack
What is PTS?

Why us?
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