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Go Ask Alice

No description

Nadine Johnson

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice
Another Day - April 12
Back home, her grandparents visit the family, Alice gets bullies much more in school by her class mates and even the teachers(she now makes it her goal to succeed with high grades at school because of that) and has a schizophrenic episode.. no big deal.... But at least, she's not doing drugs anymore!
May 22 - June 19
Alice met Joel at her dad's college's library. They begin spending a lot of time together and I think that he is a great influence on her. Also, because of an incident between Alice and Jan, Jan now hates her and wants everyone in school to hate her to AND Alice's grandmother died. I seriously hope that Alice will be able to get through this tough patch of her life!
Sept. 10 - Nov. 5
Dad says if that happens he's sure he can get me out of here in no time.
Nothing could be darker or bleaker or barer than just sitting with nothing to do and a million of endless hours in which to do it.
School was a nightmare.
Kids are like robot, off an assembly line, and I don't want to be a robot!
A man's blood soon runs cold when there is no one around to warm it up
It's a good thing most people bleed on the inside or this would be a gory, blood-smeared earth.

I'm afraid to live and afraid to die
It's a thousand light years away, lunar time.
By Nadine Johnson
Part 1
Sept. 16 - Dec. 25
This story starts off with a girl (we'll call her Alice) who is very depressed and has a low self-esteem because she has been stood up by Roger, her life-long crush who asked her out. I think that because of the low self-esteem, she may develop self-hate and start anorexia and/or other things. Here is Alice's diary...
Part 2
Jan. 1 - June 10
Alice and her family moved due to her dad's job, and since then, Alice, her siblings and her parents haven't been on good terms with each other. At school, Alice has a very difficult time meeting friends, but after a while, she meets Beth and they instantly become friends. Once school is over, what will the summer bring?? I think that it won't be good.
Part 3
June 13 - July 10
School is over and Alice visits her grandparents for the summer. Once there, someone invites her to a party. She accepted, but she really shouldn't have had because there they played a game called Button Button, Where`s the Button. That is a drinking game where 10 out of 14 bottles of coke have LSD in them. Of course, Alice had one of the laced bottles of soda. While on her trip, Bill takes care her. Will this turn out to be an addiction or a one time thing?? Let's keep reading to find out.
Part 4
July 13 - Sept. 9
She and Bill continue to spend time together and he shows her new drugs like torpedoes and speed. If she continues taking drugs, her addictions will get worst. He also takes her virginity. After that, she gets very stressed out; what would Roger think of her now? What if she's pregnant? She get's at such a bad point that she steals sleeping pills from her grand-father. Will things get better when she returns home? Will she keep feeding her addiction? I'm really starting to be worried for her at this point.
Part 5
Back home, Alice goes to a shop. There, she meets Chris and the later gate Alice an upper. Then because Alice took uppers to stay awake, she had to take tranquilizers to sleep at night. Chris introduced her to college kids: Richie and Ted and they all smoke pot together. Oh no... The college guys ask Alice and Chris to sell drugs to kids as young as 9 years old, which, in my opinion, is way too young to even THINK of doing drugs. After realizing what they were doing, the girls turn in Richie for drug possession/selling and run away to San Francisco out of fear.
Part 6
Nov. 8 - Dec. 23
Both Chris and Alice now have jobs and stopped drugs. Not long after,Chris's boss, Shelia, invite the girls to a party at her house. There, they were re-introduced to drugs. A few weeks later, Shelia and her boyfriend found it funny to drug Alice and Chris and then rape them. Those poor girls never get a break, do they?? Anyways, after that incident, they take the decision to leave town and find new jobs and a new house. They open up their own store but close it due to homesickness and decide to return home. Will reuniting with their families help them or make their drugs dependence worst? I feel like it's will just get worst and worst until the story ends.
Part 7
Dec. 24 - Feb. 24
Its Christmas and Alice is happy and in peace with her family. Her new year's resolution is to change for the best, but will she stick to it? I hope she does, because drugs really aren't good for your physical and mental health. Back at school, many people asked her if she still sold drugs, and she responded by saying no. About a month and a half after she and Chris last took drugs, they decided to get high again for who knows what reason. Chris is devastated that she took drugs again, but Alice is very happy. Later, the two girls got cought doing drugs and had to lie to get a minor punishment.
Part 8
Feb. 24 - Another Day
Alice must go to a psychiatrist ever since she got a criminal record for drug possession. She got so sick and tired of her ''miserable'' life that she ran away.. again, this time to Denver. Alice decided to start a new diary because her old one was full and she wants her new one to represent her clean and drug-free future. She returns home and decided that she won't do drugs again. I know we heard that many times before, but I hope to god that this time she will stick by her word.

-After you've had it, there isn't even life without drugs. -p.96
Wow.. I personally find this quote to be a strong one because it really makes you feel inside you that once you've tried drugs, you can't stop. It makes you realize how strong of an addiction drugs really are.
-A fly got into my room today and I couldn't stop screaming. I was so afraid he was going to lay more maggot eggs on my face and hands and body. -p.166
This quote made me realize that doing drugs don't only effect you physically, but also mentally. In this passage of Alice's diary, you can really sense how much her mind is out there and that she see's things that possibly aren't really there
-There are no words to express how I feel. -p.46
This sentence really speaks to me because I often feel that way: mi-understood, not taken seriously and not having people to talk to when I need moral support the most.
I have two choices; I must either commit suicide or try to rectify my life by helping others.
It's exiting and colorful and dangerous, but it isn't worth it.
Part 12
Part 9
Part 10
April 13 - May 21
Although Alice's does well in school, it doesn't mean that she is not getting bullied anymore. Her granddad had a stroke and his health keeps deteriorating. He later dies and then Alice has some very graphic thoughts about worms and maggots eating her body when she dies.This part of the book really made me uncomfortable because I remember when my grandpa dies and how I felt, so I could relate to Alice in this specific part of the diary.
June 20 - July 22
At school, the bullying quickly escalate to physical abuse and threatening. Mrs. Larson asked Alice to babysit and when she went, someone ( we suspect it might be Jan) drugged her. Alice wakes up in a hospital and we soon learn that she is there because when she was drugged, she began imagining worms and maggots eating her body and started screaming and tearing off her own flesh. If this is what drugs do to her from now on, I sincerely hope she never goes through that again, for her own sake.
Part 13
July 23 - July 27
Alice got sent to a mental hospital and there, she meets Babbie, a 13 year old from the psych wad who has a very touching story about her life. Soon after meeting her, Alice started to pray for god to help her. Maybe, if she believes in god, she can get through these rough times, without hurting herself or others.
Part 14
July 29 - Sept. 2
Nothing much happens in this chapter except that Alice's parent went to get her out of the mental hospital. The young girl is very happy to be back home, but her family soon leaves for a two week trip for her dad's job. They go to New-York, Manhattan and other places. She is happier than before, but still not as bright as she should be for her age.
Sept 2 - Epilogue
For her birthday, Alice's parents throw a party and invite all her friends, including Joel. Soon after her party, she decides that she no longer has the need to keep a diary and decides to stop writing in it. A few weeks after, her parents return home only to find her dead in her room. The thing is that Alice was only one of the thousands of deaths caused by drugs that year, which I find a very serious thing. People should really think about their future when they about to try drugs for the first time and realize that those pills, or that smoke or whatever can really lead you to a path with only one way to escape: death, so please, really think what you are getting yourself into!
Other information:
Protagonist: Alice
Antagonist: drugs
Theme: The drug and sex atmosphere of the 1960's and knowing right from wrong. Drugs aren't the answer.
mostly character vs self / society
crucial elements: drugs, bullying, acceptance
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