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HumanaVitality Mobile App

No description

Kelly Cato

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of HumanaVitality Mobile App

COMPLETE THE health assessment
Once you complete all 7 sections:
Obtain Bronze Vitality Status
Learn your Vitality Age
Earn Vitality Points
7 sections of the Health Assessment
Order your Healthyfood shopping card
With your Vitality HealthyFood Shopping Card you’ll save 10% on all your Great for You food purchases at Walmart right at the register!
Contact a Personal Health Coach
• Weight management
• Tobacco cessation
• Stress management
• Healthy eating
• Physical activity
• Cholesterol management
• Blood pressure management
• Blood sugar (glucose) management
Three phone interactions or three online chats (individually or combined) = 50 Vitality Points
One face-to-face coaching session†= 50 Vitality Points
Six email interactions or 6 journals made within one of the trackers; food, exercise, or custom (individually or combined) = 50 Vitality Points
Earn Vitality Points!
Review your points history
Want to see how many Vitality Points
you earned this week?

Check out the Points History tab!
Purchase Amazon Gift Cards directly from the Mobile App.
Connect your Fitness Device
Set short-term Milestones and earn vitality points!
Sleep Diary
Connect a device that monitors your sleep
Select "Set Milestone"
View Sleep Milestone created on your Milestone Index page
Record 7+ hours of sleep and earn 5 Vitality Points for the day
The Milestone lasts 28 days (4 weeks)
It can be completed on a continuous basis
Connect to MyFitnessPal App
Select "Set Milestone"
View Weekly Log created on your Milestone Index page
Log your food or weight on a weekly basis and earn 10 Vitality Points a week
The Milestone lasts 28 days (4 weeks)
It can be completed on a continuous basis
Fitness habit
Submit proof of wellness activities
Create and Join Challenges
Earn 50 Vitality Points for joining a Challenge!
Earn 50 Vitality Points for creating a Challenge!
Select a Step or Weight Loss Challenge
Enter the required information
To Create a Challenge

To Join a Challenge
Sponsored Challenges are create by Humana periodically and any member can join
Community Challenges are created by members and any other member can join
Download the HumanaVitality MobileApp!
Use the same username and password as your www.humana.com log in information
If you have not already registered on www.humana.com, do so prior to logging in to the app
Select the type of fitness habit such as taking the stairs
Determine the frequency
Determine the Duration
Select "Set Milestone"
View Fitness Habit Milestone created on your Milestone Index page

Obtain 25 Vitality Points upon completion of the fitness habit
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