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January 13 Welcome Back

No description

Bill Walsh

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of January 13 Welcome Back

Welcome Back to Semester 2!

January 13, 2014

PD Experience Monday, 1/13/14
Daily Learning Target:
By the end of today’s professional development, we will share some essential learnings of our CCSS/NGSS UbD units that we have taught or intend to teach this year by creating a collaborative poster in our PLCs and then participate in a gallery walk to chart school-wide progress.
Essential Questions
1. What specific strategies did you employ for your students to be able to access and understand your curriculum (reading strategies)?

2. What specific strategies did you employ for your students to be able to respond (writing) to the various Performance Task?

3. How will you ensure that your students will be able to employ these strategies independently on upcoming Performance Tasks?

4. How do your strategies align to the Common Core CCR Anchor Standards or Mathematical Practices?

Activity 1:
Collaborate with colleagues in your PLC to identify a uBd unit that you taught or intend to teach that was aligned to the CCSS/NGSS. What specifically about the curriculum was tied to the CCSS/NGSS?
Goal for Semester
Identify and Share out one personal and professional goal that you have for semester 2
Activity 2:
This year we have redoubled efforts to remain faithful to the DCL, implement the (AVID) reading strategies of Marking the Text, Writing in the Margins, and creating "Saying/Doing" charts, as well as focussing on Rigorous Inquiry with Questioning Techniques.....
Activity 2 (con't):
... Identify those instuctional delivery strategies that have proven the most effective to ensure mastery learning. Give many examples.
Activity 3:

Create a collaborative poster that higlights the CCSS/NGSS curriculum...and the instruction "shifts" that you have made...
Identify and Review: prepare feedback for your colleagues that identifies
1. what you appreciate about their work,
2. Areas of alignment to your PLC work,
3. Areas that you have questions about...
Gallery Walk and Feedback:
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