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Adventures of Super Stretch Pitch Deck

No description

Anne Johnson

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Adventures of Super Stretch Pitch Deck

Super Stretch is for EVERYBODY!
Super Stretch Yoga
FREE Kid's Yoga app on iTunes
Kids Yoga Teacher Training
Grow your Community
Bring Kids Yoga into Your Studio with an Adventures of Super Stretch Kids Yoga Teacher Training
The Adventures of Super Stretch is an educational fitness program with empowering books, flash cards, teacher workshops and apps on iTunes that have been developed for children of all ages.
The Super Stretch mission is to bring health, mindfulness and play to children through yoga fitness.

About Super Stretch Creator
Breathe, Stretch, Play!

Create balance in kid’s lives.
Breathe, Stretch, Play. Make NAMASTE a part of your day!

An Introduction to
The Adventures of Super Stretch
Kid's Yoga Program
Jes Rosenberg has been practicing yoga since the early 1990's and teaching for over 14 years.
In 2001, she created The Adventures of Super Stretch to give children a physical outlet to express & empower themselves in a healthy way.
Jes is a 500 hour RYT and 200/500 RYS through Yoga Alliance and certified in Ashtanga, Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Modo/Moksha Yoga, Soft Touch Hatha Yoga, Thai Massage and a Reiki Master.
Her greatest pleasure lies in sharing, mentoring and spreading the wonders of yoga movement, breathing and philosophy.
Our mission is to bring health, mindfulness and play
to children through yoga fitness.

You don’t need to be a ‘yogi’ to share Super Stretch with kids.
Parents, grandparents, school teachers, day care providers, yoga teachers, and yoga lovers
can use Super Stretch to get kids excited about moving everyday.
Schedule a Children's Yoga Teacher Training Workshop
You will learn how to present yoga fitness and healthy habits
to kids in a fun, engaging way as you:

Get the ‘tools’ to teach a class.
Learn more than 60 poses and partner exercises.
Learn sequences, class lesson plans, and stories.
Learn about the philosophy, anatomy and benefits of yoga fitness for children.
Learn how to use yoga fitness to develop life skills outside of the classroom.
Earn Continuing Education Credits for Pediatric Health Professionals
Case Study: Simply Yoga Zionsville, Indiana

Studio Goal:
Differentiate by Offering More Family-Friendly Class Options
Awareness Campaign:
Newspaper Articles, Sample Classes in Studio and in Schools
& Businesses, Flashcards, Social Media
Special Event Addition:
Family Class with Jes
15 Attendees (Varying Backgrounds)
5 New Teachers, 7 New Classes!
Let's set up
a Training!

Why Yoga for Kids?

The practice of yoga offers children amazing
benefits that will last a lifetime:

flexibility, strength,
Develops c

respect for others
in themselves to tap into their inner strengths

time to be still
and create
space to BE
This offers kids the opportunity to be the best that they can be.
Encouraging a Home Practice
Wonders And Benefits Of Yoga Fitness For Children
Overview Of History And Philosophy Of Yoga Fitness And Wellness
Importance Of A Yoga/Fitness Program
Yoga Philosophy, 8 Limbs, & Universal Truths To Live By
Human Body Overview And Anatomy
Energy Chakra’s As Relating To Body Overview
Breath — Awareness & Tools To Use To Teach Breathing
Food & Fitness & Doshas. Healing Foods To Eat If Feeling A Specific Way
Complimentary Therapies For Kids On The Autistic Spectrum, ADD/ADHD
How Yoga/Fitness Relates To Hatha Yoga & P.E. Standards
Postures And Meditation Tools
Super Stretch Yoga Class Lesson Plans & Posture Sequences
Super Stretch Rest And Dream Time – Relaxation Postures & Meditation
Tools, Exercises And Themes To Create Your Own Meditation Stories
Marketing Materials, Workshop Ideas And In-School Yoga Presentations For Parents

Training Curriculum
Tools for Teachers: Included in the Training Cost!
Training Manuals
Super Stretch Flash Cards
Super Stretch Kids Yoga Story Book
Super Stretch Postcards
Super Stretch Temporary Tattoos
Super Stretch Rest & DreamTime Relaxation CD
Let the Kid's Yoga Teacher Training Work for You

Make the Most of Our Trip!
Schedule Additional Workshops & Trainings:

There's more...
Additional Benefits of Hosting a Training!
Access to Wholesale Pricing to Build your Program (Flashcards, Books, Etc.)
Inclusion in Private Facebook Teachers Group to share experiences an learn more from your kid's yoga teacher peers around the country
Marketing materials to promote hosting a training
Sample Newspaper Article Templates to Raise Awareness of your Kids Classes &
Grow your Yoga Community
Contact us to schedule a training.
We'll share...
Our Contract
Sample "How to Price your Workshop" Cost/Benefit Sheet for the Studio
Marketing Templates & More!

Email: sskidsyogaanne@gmail.com

FREE app Available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad
Teachers even plug the app into thir SamrtBoards at school
"Super Stretch transforms yoga into a magical and highly engaging experience for children."
Barry Kudrowitz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Product Design - University of Minnesota
"Super Stretch is a great program that not only
gets kids to move, but it also inspires a
healthy and active lifestyle for life."
Will Steger - Polar Explorer
"As an owner of a yoga studio, I know that starting the yoga journey early isn't always easy for kids, but with The Adventures of Super Stretch, it is."
Sarah Longacre - Owner, Blooma Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga & Wellness Studio
Workshop Offerings:
Yoga Fundamentals & Alignment
Partner Yoga Flow
Corporate Wellness
Mindfulness Meditation
Yoga Sutras
Sweet Vinyasa Restorative Yoga

Teacher Trainings:
Chair Yoga Teacher Training
Partner Yoga Teacher Training

The Adventures of Super Stretch Teacher Training Workbook & Manual Explores:
Use The Adventures of Super Stretch to bring children life-enhancing skills.
Give them the space to grow wings.
They will use the skills that they learn off the mat
for the rest of their lives!

It's Time for your studio to Breathe, Stretch, Play.
Make NAMASTE a Part of every child’s day!
Inspire Change
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