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Rizal Goes back to Hongkong

No description

Jomel Ricafrente

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Rizal Goes back to Hongkong

Rizal left Ghent for Marseilles where he boarded S.S Melbourne on October 18,1891. The main reasons why he left were, differences in political persuasion with M.H. del Pilar and his desire to lead the Propaganda movement.
Life in Hongkong
Upon His arrival in Hongkong on November 20, 1891,
his old friend, Jose M. Basa and other Filipino residents gave him a warm welcome.

after few days, he immediately went into the practice of medicine to earn a living. Dr. Lorenzo P. Marquez, a portuguese Ophtalmologist, became a friend of Rizal and helped him have many patients.
In europe. The Filipino friends of Rizal learned his medical practice in Hongkong and gave him their assurance of moral and financial support.
According to Dr. Germiniano de Ocampo, an accomplished Filipino Ophtalmologist, Rizal a man of vision who sees far ahead "possessed all the qualities of a great eye specialist."

Within a little over a month since he arrived in Hongkong, some members of his family, including his parents, brothers, and some sisters joined him there.
Planned Filipino Colonization in Borneo
With the Kind of socio-political climate under the administration of Governor-general Valeriano Weyler, the calamba tenant-farmers and other towns fold seemed hopeless to have a better quality of life. So RIzal planned and conceived an idea of how the management of these human resources could be utilized.
Meantime, Governor Weyler was relieved of his administrative functions as governor and was replaced by Governor Eulogio Dispujol. Rizal with an intense desire to help the landless people, With the new leadership of Governor Despujol, fresh hopes holds promise, he announce a new program of government.
He sent Governor Despujol a letter of felicitation and offer his cooperation. Surprisingly Rizal did not even receive an acknowledgment answer from the governor.
Rizal Goes back to Hongkong
A part of one of the letters of the letters he wrote to his friend, Blumentritt on
Jan. 31, 1892, he said:
" Here I practice as a doctor and I have ... .clients; I have here many sick of influenza because there is an epidemic. Through the newspapers I am informed hat this sickness is also causing ravages in Europe. I hope that you and your esteemed family be spared."
When his friends in Europe heard about this plan, Lopez Jaena, Antonio and Juan Luna, Dr. Ariston Bautista Lin and Prof. Blumentritt were delighted and willing to endorse and support the project.
Despite of the laudable project, his brother-in-law, Manuel Hidalgo did not approve the plan.
But Rizal made a side trip to Sandakan to see for himself the conditions of the land and atmosphere where he intended to move his family.
for the second time he sent the Governor-General another letter requesting him to allow the landless Filipinos to establish a colony in Borneo. but instead the Governor General notified the Spanish Consul-general in Hongkong to tell Rizal that he could not approve his request allowing Filipino immigration to Borneo, and stating among other things that: "it was not very patriotic to go off and cultivate a foreign soil."

The Last Letter he sent to the Governor was a letter requesting permission to change his nationality and emigrate with his family and other town mates in calamba who cared to join him in borneo. Rizal received no reply at all.
Meanwhile, Don Francisco, Rizal's aged father, enjoined immensely his sojourn in Hongkong, saying that he did not care to return any more to the land of his birth. "Life there is insupportable," he added.
Chapter 9
But before going to Hongkong, He told del Pilar that he
regretted that he could no longer write articles for
La Solidaridad, Inspite of his political orientation that may
not be the same with that of del Pilar, he had maintained his hig regards and admiration for him.

In a few months, Dr. Rizal's name became a by-world in the field of ophtalmology. He is also a general practitioner.
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