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Limitations of the Biomedical Model of health and disese

No description

Shen Ning

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Limitations of the Biomedical Model of health and disese

Limitations of the Biomedical Model of Health and Disease
Clinical, cultural, and social
Medicalizing the non-medicalized areas of life: heroin addiction
What is health from a biomedical standpoint?
An objective evaluation of the patient's physical body based on medical science and technology
Aspirational medicine: individual desires are transposed to biomedical issues (Scambler, 186)
Modern medicine's achievements have been equated to health
Body and mind dualism (Scambler, 184)

Hospital Medicine
Laboratory Medicine
Surveillance Medicine
Dualism in medicine
The "mindful body"
Bodily idiom: the role of the body in human interaction and communication

Social construction of medicine
"Our notions about the body will often relate to prevailing ideas about society" (Scambler 185)
"Medicine and health care can, and have, been involved in the construction and maintenance of forms of social power through the socially sanctioned authority to define what are medical or health problems" (Scambler 191)
Mental Illnesses:

Cultural and social implications
Categorization of psychiatric disorders
Exert some power of control on deviant population
Evoke powers

Scambler, Graham. Sociology as Applied to Medicine. 5th ed. Edinburgh: Saunders, 2003.
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