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Gillian D

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of BAHAMAS

* Frank Rutherford: won a bronze medal in 1992 for the Bahamas
Cricket in the Bahamas
Cricket is the most popular sport in the Bahamas. Cricket can be seen being played every Saturday and Sunday at Haynes Oval on West bay.
Background information

The Bahamas is made of 700 islands. It also has over 3,000 coral reefs. It extends to 760 miles from Florida and Haiti. Christopher Columbus was the original discoverer of these islands in 1449.

Cricket is a sport where two
teams of 11 players play with a
bat and ball on a oval
field. Cricket games can last
for weeks! You can score by
getting runs for your team.

What is Cricket?
Dance is very important to many people in the Bahamas. They feel that it is used to express them self's in their own way. Many of the dances that they do is religious for their churches. The dances that they do is influenced by the African rhythms and dance moves that they do.
Then and Now
Types of Dances!
They do dances like Bahamian Quadrille and the Heel and Toe Polka. The music they use is rake and scrape music to dance too. They wear bright, bold, and striking clothes with many colors. Many of the clothes they wear show what their cultures are about and what they believe in. Some of the dancers have rain sticks that make noises when they dance religious songs.
Famous Cricket Players
There are many famous cricket players from the bahamas. Some of them are Andrew Ford, Garcha Blair, and Gary Armstrong.
Famous Athletes from the Bahamas that played track and field
James Audley Carey :won 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals in the 2012 olympics
Ramon Miller: won silver and 2 bronze medals for the Bahamas in the 2012 Olympics
http://www.bahamasgateway.com/ bahamas_art_dance_and_music.htm

How it's played!

Track and field has many different events in it like the pole jump, the 100 meter race, the 400 relay race, long jump and javelin.
One unforgettable memory you will take with you when you leave the Bahamas is their music. Junkanoo is the most popular music style. This style of music has been around for hundreds of years and is an important part of the heritage of the islands. It's also is a parade. An amazing parade that is complete with dancers wearing colorful costumes, goatskin drums, cowbells, whistles, and horns. This parade has stayed the same over the many years. Another type of popular music is Rake 'n scrape. This type of music is used in clubs. This music is created with from a piece of wood, some fishing line, and a worn tin. In the Bahamas they do enjoy this style of music. However Junkanoo will always be their favorite.

Music in the Bahamas
Track and Field
Track and field in the Bahamas is very popular. You can find people doing track and field around the Bahamas in places like Nassau (the biggest city population wise in the Bahamas) and Freeport (the largest city area wise in the Bahamas)
By: Frankie, Victoria, Gillian and Alex
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