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The Magic Thief

No description

Bryan Jimenez

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Magic Thief

By: Sarah Prineas
Bryan Jimenez The Magic Thief Connwaer(Conn)
Nevery (the wizard Conn pickpockets from)
Benet ( Neverys Bodyguard)
Rowan( the duchesses daughter)
Pettivox( A power hungry wizard and master of keeston)
The duchess( controls part of wellmet , which is the town)
Keeston(apprentice to Pettivox and best in school)
Kerrn( captain of the duchesses gaurds
Underlord Crowe(controls other part of Wellmet.)
Question Time! 1. who is Underlord Crowe? In the town of Wellmet, the magic is weakening.
Magisters halls wizards are doing the best they can
to find the reason. Could it be connected to Underlord
Crow? Read the book to find out! This book is about a boy named
Connwaer. Conn is just another
gutter boy (homeless thief) trying
to steal his next meal. He has very
quick fingers, used for pickpocketing.
But, when he steals a locust stone
(what wizards use for spellcasting,
kinda like wands) from a wizard, he
gets more then what he bargained for.. T 2. What is the name of Nevery's Bodyguard? 3. What do wizards use for spell casting? Rich town Dawn palace Academicos Dusk house Factories Warehouse Heartsease Magisters hall the river the river sark square Twighlight
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