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3.02 U.S Territorial Expansion

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Dayana vega

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of 3.02 U.S Territorial Expansion

The cause of the war
Leading up to the war
The Yellow Press -The two new york newspaper and the New york Journal and New york world would publish these exaggerated stories about the suffering Cuban people .
During the War
The Untied States Army was not well prepared for a ground war.Thee uniforms were made of wool and were to hot for the humid for the tropical weather of Cuba.

The food was scarce and some of the meat was rotten.Weapons and ammunition was limited.

The Tropical diseases were spreading radially.More soldiers died from diseases then from combat.
The Spanish-American War
Cubans where demanding there Independent . They whore against spanish government corruption. As well as wanting the the political representation in the spanish parliament and to lower taxes.
The spanish government canceled a trade pact between the United States and Cuba.
U.S.S Maine exploded and sank in Havana Harbor
The Teller Amendment-The amendment had stated that the Cuban people would have control of the island and its government at the end of the war.
Every Spanish ship was destroyed when the spanish fleet tried through the American blockade. The Spanish forces in Santiago surrendered. Americans then occupied the nearby island of Puerto Rico, another Spanish possession, and the Spanish were forced to surrender.

Flvs Lesson 3.02
U.S Territorial Expansion
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