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Adriel B. And Al-tariq PD1

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Adriel B. And Al-tariq PD1

Adriel B. and Al-Tariq PD1
Conner G. Murl

Courage: Conner is courageous because he risked his life to save his companions from the German attackers.
Kenneth D. Bailey
valor: his great personal valor while exposed
to constant and merciles enemy fire, and his
indomitable fighting spirit inspired his troops
to heights of heroics endeavor which enabled
them to repulse the enemy and hold Henderson
Things in common :
both in the armed forces
both in World War 2
they were both departed
both from united states
both born in the 1900's
Differences :
one was in the Army, and one was in the Marine Corps
one was a First Lieutenant and one was a Major
one was drafted and one volunteered
they were both born in different months
one died in action and was did not
Ms. James: Hello,Mr.Murl. I'm Ms.James nice to meet you

Conner Murl: Hello, nice to meet you too.

Ms.James: It is an honor to be the one inyerviewing you. I mean You were awarded the distinguished services cross, four silver stars, and the french croix de uerre for your heroic actions in italy and even during your campaigns, you were wounded three times. How difficult would you say it was? What were you thiking in those moments when you thought if you die, when you were in war?

Connnr M: It was difficult, there wre sometimes were I thought I should turn back, I should give up but what truly kept me going was the people I was fighting for, my family, my fellow soldier's, and my friend Kennneth Dillon Bailey.

Conner M: without his help I might not even be here today. He stuckm next to me the entire time and we watched eachothers backs. And the day that he died is when he gave me the finasl push that i needed. (tear drops down)

Ms.James: Im sorry, He must have been a great friend. I asure you that nhe knew you would do the right thing.

Conner M:He was a great friend. If he were alive right now I would owe him my life.

Ms.James he will be remembered and will always live in our hearts.

Conner M: Im sure he will.

Ms.James: Well that raps it up, thank you everybody and good night
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