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Student Involvement Orientation

No description

Alisha Veldink

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of Student Involvement Orientation

Willamette University
Student Involvement Orientation
The Office of Student Involvement is a center where students can find resources to get involved on campus.
What is Student Involvement?
Language in Motion
Club Advising and Resources
Multicultural Affairs
Campus Recreation
Willamette Events Board
Associated Students of Willamette University
Interfraternity Council & Panhellenic Council
Office of the Chaplains
Lisa Holliday
Meet the Staff
Beth Dittman
Banner Paper
Student Resources
Fax Machine
Computer Work Stations
Gordy Toyama
Eric Lassahn
Renee Jaime
Bryan Schmidt
Nomi Pearce
Die Cut Machine
Blue Tape
Office Supplies
Office Resource Basics
Make campus mailing envelopes
Make blue tape rolls
Take out the recycling
Organize the desk and kitchenette
Sanitize the desk
Check paper levels on fax, printers
Supply binder and mail boxes
Inventory supply cabinets
If these are done, homework is ok
for voicemail
Dial 9, 1
Beeps when finished
Followed by the fax #
Hit "fax start"
Insert face down, upside down
Fax Machine
Enter Code
Edit Settings
If photocopying,
Add email address
Copy or Email
Copy Machine
Hit "next original" if scanning "last original" to send.
UC2 Listserv and Google Account
How to check out sandwich boards: supply binder and UC2 google calendar event
Where the cash box and safe are
Where the keys for the library boards and conference rooms are
Which forms are in the turnstiles
Welcome to the Team!
Where SI storage is, offices in Waller Hall
Positive Attitude
Business Casual
Pay Period
Time Sheet
In/out Board
Name Plate
Check In
Absences: give advance notice via uc2 listserv
Changes each term based on classes
Arrive on time
Avoid distractions (facebook, phone...)
Keep visits with friends brief
Time management
Work Log
Staff Support
Misc Projects
Greet students and staff and direct them to correct resource
Answer phones
Job Responsibilities
Maintain appearance of north/south desks
Support staff by putting up posters, typing notes and other tasks
Leadership and Club Information
Job Description and Responsibilities
Things You Should Know...
Problem Solving
scan and send as an email
send again
If a fax doesn't go through...
Error message on the copier...
Refill paper if needed
Check for paper jams
If there's nothing to do
Emily Morris
Community Service Learning
Mission Statement
The Office of Student Involvement partners with students by providing opportunities for leadership, encouraging self-discovery through experiential education, and connecting needs with resources in an inclusive environment.

We achieve our mission by offering:

- advising and support for student projects, initiatives, groups, and events;

- advocacy, service, and programs that promote social justice, diversity, and equity;

- recreational experiences that promote social, mental, and physical well-being; and

- service opportunities and partnerships to address community-identified needs.
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