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Freedom Wand

Advertising/Public Relations Campaign 2010

Hannah Packer

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Freedom Wand

Freedom Wand DHEP Inc. Dana Sipola
Hannah Packer
Erica Zale
Paul Salyer Campaign Overview Research
Target Audiences
Core Message
Long and Short-term: Objectives/Strategies/Tactics
Problem Statement The issue of limited reach is an embarassing
topic for consumers to discuss, which in turn
makes it diffucult to communicate with consumers. Situation Analysis Background 3 piece, 4 use device
Freedom Wand's mission is to offer quality of life products to individuals afflicted by limited reach. Products, which can restore a person's dignity and independence.

Competitive Analysis Direct Bottom Buddy
Self Wipe
Buckingham Easy Wipe
Toilet Tissue Aids Indirect Professional Caregivers
Family Caregivers
Other personal devices SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Goals & Objectives Goals:
Establish Freedom Wand as first and best
hygiene product for those who struggle with
limited reach
Maintain Freedom Wand as a specialty brand Objectives:
Awareness - Increase awareness of the Freedom Wand
to consumers by 60% by January 2011.

Acceptance - Increase positive association of
product with the consumers by 75% by January 2011.

Acceptance - Change the consumer's attitude about
their current independence from negative to positive
by 85% through product usage by January 2011.

Action - Increase product sales by 30% by January 2011. Summary of Research Target Audience Arthritis
Long-term Disabilities
Key Findings Positioning Statements Arthritis
Long-term Disabilities
Professionals Brand Personality Secret Best Friend It's discrete for its companion and
is a round the clock friend.

The Freedom Wand is trustworthy and
would never tell what it is used for.

It is caring like a caregiver, but
will never judge you.

The Freedom Wand is not intrusive. Core Message:

Restoring dignity and independence are
the two most important concepts of the Freedom Wand. This is a product designed to improve the quality of life for persons with limited reach capabilities. Consumers can easily relate to the emotional benefits that the Freedom Wand has to offer. Finally, having four uses out of one product enhances the likelihood of purchase and consumer benefit. Strategies & Tactics Evaluation Media Advertising Public Relations Informational videos on website
Video testimonials
LinkedIn for targeting professionals
News interview with Eight West Brochure for professionals
Brochure for consumers
Logo rennovation
AliMed advertisement
TV advertisement Press release
Sponsor Special Olympics
Host demonstrations Website visitor counter to gage
increased awareness
Tracking sales to determine the level
of audience awareness and the effectiveness
of Freedom Wand's call to action
Monitor money back guarantee to assess level of
consumer satisfaction
Tracking and analyzing personal consumer feedback
through emails, phone calls, and social media to
determine overall acceptance of the product

Summary The Freedom Wand has an ambiguous
target market
Communicating the topic of personal
hygiene can be a hard and embarassing
subject to discuss
Through increased awareness, acceptance, and action, the Freedom Wand will be successful in regaining
dignity and independence for its
With this plan, the Freedom Wand will increase their sales while targeting each individual audience
Segmenting the target audiences with tailored messages will allow the Freedom Wand to become more successful and achieve its goals
Any Questions?
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