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Le Fman

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Enhanced curriculum & instruction - lowest third

Additional training in higher order thinking questions

Inconsistent student engagement

Lack of growth in ELA & math scores
Common planning time

September baseline assessments - Math & ELA

Assessment & data PDs
School Information
Intended Outcomes
Increased student engagement

Purposeful student collaboration

Multiple resources used by teachers

Best practices shared

Curriculum maps created & used
School Improvement Plan: MS 172

Create Grade Level Inquiry Teams (Include all subject area teachers)
Assign team leaders
Select essential learning targets
Meet periodically with team leaders (progress check)

INSERT Isaac and Leon's Intended Outcome
Curriculum maps with higher-order thinking questions

Tiered tasks and rubrics

Ongoing inter-visitations
Intended Outcomes
Increased staff participation

Increased positive staff
feedback on surveys

Increased school wide collaboration

Professional development opportunities

Recognize, appreciate and celebrate staff
Action Steps
PDs on Multiple entry points, DOK & UDL

Increase teacher access to resources

Collaborative teacher teams
MS 172 Progress Report 2012-2013
Create engaging, rigorous and coherent curricula in ELA and Math aligned to CCLS and accessible to all learners

Teacher pedagogy will reflect the instructional shifts & Danielson Framework for Teaching

Increase in staff morale and positive school culture
Create a cohesive set of instructional standards and expectations across departments and grade levels
Intended Outcomes
Create a schedule that allows subject and grade teams to meet regularly

Increased proficiency in reading and math (TC Reading Assessments, Unit Assessment, Rubrics)

Common language of instruction across content areas

5% increase in achievement - bottom third

Improved student work measured by rubrics
Align instructional practices and expectations to improve achievement for all students
MS 172
Irwin Altman
Middle School
Leadership Team
Increase staff involvement &
participation in events

24% unclear expectations

40% lack of collaboration & administration support

54% feel their voices aren't heard

Social Committee
Special events

Shared decision making
PLCs, SLTs, leaders
Cabinet, curriculum, discipline

Professional development & follow-through
Danielson & CCLS
Teacher voice & choice
Resources made available

Clear expectations
Coaching & modeling
Inter- & intravisitations
Alignment of rigorous curriculum across all contents and classes

Teachers should have more participation in curriculum and instructional planning

40% of teachers not included in opportunities

Higher-order thinking not consistent in instruction
Weekly team meetings
Collaboratively analyze student performance
Reflect on and revise curriculum
Further develop instructional practice
Lesson template to support all students
Intended Outcomes
Meaningful student work products

Lesson plans & curriculum maps

Classroom observations to inform instruction

Collaborative meetings

Intervisitation & professional development

Local and State assessments improvement

Assistant Principals:

Achievement Coach:

Curriculum Specialist:

IEP Coordinator:

Instructional Coach:
Brian Carroccio

Diana Natole
Joanna Smith

Issac Ambalu

Leon Frukhtman

Saudia Mahamed

John Drinankle
Quality Review results
School Survey results
School Progress Report
Teacher pedagogy will reflect the Danielson Framework, & Instructional Shifts

Inconsistent high quality extensions

Supports for lowest third needed
Increase in staff morale and positive school culture
Inconsistent high quality extensions

Supports for lowest third needed

Create student baselines for inquiry
Administer assessments & analyze data
Set data-driven instructional goals (Short-term and Long-term)
Establish clear timelines/progress checkpoints
Reflect on student progress & next steps
Share best practices (Admin support- time/$)

Engaging, rigorous and coherent
curricula in ELA and Math aligned to CCLS and accessible to a
variety of learners
Data is used effectively (Datacation)

Supportive learning environment

High parent satisfaction
"Growth is never by mere chance;

it is the result of forces working together."

-James Cash Penney
Final Thought...
What do we need to succeed?
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