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Counselling Service IIT Kanpur

No description

Sumit Verma

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Counselling Service IIT Kanpur

Student Support Services


Our Work
Academic Mentor
Providing Academic Support
Links students are assigned one or two
junior students who are on AP/Warning
The association between the Link Student and his Counsellee may be confidential if they wish it to be so
The procedure for selection of the Link Team is very
similar to that of Assistant Coordinators. All Assistant
Coordinators are Link Students by default.
Student Guide
Peer Tutoring
Done at the Hall and Tutorial Block level for UG students.
Aimed at promoting academic discussion in the wings.
Not intended to be parallel tutoring
You will have to think of new and innovative ways in which you can spread the academic culture and make sure all students participate.
English Conversation Classes & Technology Terminology Classes
Started this year.
Aimed at teaching students, technical stuff in Hindi.
Done in collaboration with the Hindi Sahitya Sabha.
Meant for students facing difficulty in understanding and communicating in English
You will have to plan these activities in association with the Instructor.
You will have to popularize and convince as many people as you can to join this, who you think are in need of the service.
23-30 classes of 1 hr 30 min to 2 hr duration held thrice a week
Includes tutoring, interactive sessions, group discussions and language lab.
Emotional Counselling
3 Professional Counselors
24 X 7 Availability
Special Availability during Exams
Regular Psychiatrist visits
Students’ Benevolence Fund (SBF)
The selection is on the basis of interviews
You will have to organise these interviews and compile the final list based on results of the interview
You may have to be a part of the interview panel
Have to be thought of and organised by you
Workshops in the Past:-
Student Guide Training
Thesis Writing and LATEX
Stress Management
Internship Gyaan (Done with the SPO)
Informal Session with the Faculties
Write and Design
Information brochure for new students
Pamphlet for the parents of the new students
Student Guides (UG) and Orientation Team Members (PG) Handbook
A word to the First Yearites
Happy Campus
Peer Pressure
Annual Report
Orientation Programme
Addresses and Presentations
Personality Development Workshop (for UG students)
Making of Identity Cards
Activation of CC Logins
Medical Checkup
Guest Lecture
Around 900 new PG
students and 830 new UG
students this year
Opening of Bank Accounts
Form filling
Lab tours and Bus tour of the Institute
Academic Registration
Meeting with the DPGC Convener & with seniors (for PG students)
Meeting with the HOD (for UG students)
Orientation Programme
Emotional Counselling
Academic Support
Financial Help
Literature and Surveys
1) Community Sensitization "A friend in need is a friend indeed"
2) Internship - "Intern Gyaan"
3) Addiction - "Am I addicted"
4) Faculty Student Interaction - " Prof bhi kabhi bacche the"
5) Relationship
7)Wellness Week
8)Time Management
9)Thesis Writing
1) Happy Campus "Partners in Building a Happier Campus"
2) "A word to First Yearites"
3) "A word to the Parents"
Academic Mentor
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Student Wing
-3 Coordinators
-1 Senior Link Student
-11 Assistant Coordinators
UG Wing
PG Wing
- 2 Coordinators
- 8 Assistant Coordinators
Core Team
Core Team
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