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Lynel Cruz

on 20 January 2013

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Foundation STONE AS A MEDIUM report in humanities here are the examples!!! mediums in sculpting KINDS OF STONES USED GRANITE traditional mediums medium used:
media involved in creating sculptures include material that will make both permanent and temporary pieces of art. by Lynel :D MEDIUMS USED IN SCULPTING ... ~ stone
~ metal
~ wood
~ ivory
~ terra cotta (clay)
~ new mediums STONEs are commonly used for sculpting. WHY??? stone is DURABLE :
It resist weather, fire, and all ordinary hazards.
= on the other hand it is heavy and expensive and breaks easily. MARBLE it is the most beautiful. It takes High polish and is almost translucent. Hermes and Dionysus of praxilites LIMESTONE in medieval cathedrals the figures were carved of the material which is the church is made, usually LIMESTONES. LIMESTONE is soft and for that reason it does not polish well. Limestone head from a statue of a worshipper wearing a helmet with upturned cheek-pieces. Made in Cyprus, 525-500 BC. From the sanctuary of Apollo at Idalion. Excavated by R H Lang. GR 1872.8-16.59 (Sculpture C 76). IS coarse but hard and is suitable for bold effects. metal as a medium the most commonly used metal for sculpting is BRONZE. in small statues the bronze but in large ones solid metal would be too heavy and too expensive the thinker auguste rodin
st.paul, france wood as a medium wood has an initial advantage in that it is cheap, readily available and easy to cut wood is not brittle and permits the sculptor to work in thin, extended forms, wood is also useful for relief structure. finely carved wooden door in the mosque of uqba, tunisia ivory as a medium one of the lost mediums Ivory is tough yet delicate in texture and perfectly fit for carving There it is, laid out in stark terms, right on the case holding the small, delicate ivory and gold statue in the Museum of Fine Arts: "Late Minoan, 1600-1800 B.C. or early 20th century. terra cotta terra cotta means baked earth made with firing clay as in pottery, very cheap in comparison with stone or bronze, can easily be broken and chipped. ancient China. A series of life size terra-cotta statues are opening up new avenues of knowledge about everything from military armor to art history.
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