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How Politics is a Popularity Contest

After Watergate, the Presidency has become a popularity contest, orchestrated by the media

Ben Zuegel

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of How Politics is a Popularity Contest

The Popular Vote Elliot Spitzer and his prostitute Thomas Jefferson with his slave mistress, Sally Hemmings, and their six children Watergate was the seed the created a new market for journalists: scandals and public profiles What's Romney hiding? The Carter Campaign (1968) promised a change The Modern Day Most people didn't know that Franklin Roosevelt (1932-1945) was in a wheelchair Trust and personality became a commodity What is this? WHAT IS THIS! Watergate was when Richard Nixon, the incumbent president, tried to cover up a break-in of the DNC that was conducted by people he'd hired
(1972) Really, how much different are they? After Watergate, people needed the know their president as a person, not just their policies There is a difference between the two: One is fear-mongering, and one is comedy The Media is a business, and only sells what we, the consumers, will buy by Ben Zuegel
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