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One Piece Journey

No description

Jia Hui chong

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of One Piece Journey

What is one piece?
One Piece is a Japanese manga series and animation written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.
One Piece is about a boy name Luffy going on an adventure to become the 'Pirate King'. On his journey, he gathered comrade, each with a special background in their past.
The Beginning
Luffy met a pirate name Shanks when he was a kid. He admired Shanks and his crew, and was saved by Shanks in an incident. He was then determined to be the king of pirate.
Luffy Meets Zoro
On luffy's journey, he met a swordsman named Zoro who was captured by a marine unfairly. Zoro wanted to escape, so with Luffy's help Zoro escaped successfully and became one of Luffy's comrades.
Zoro's Childhood
Zoro was a kid that had always longed for strength. He challenged a dojo but loosed to a girl named Kuina. He then started training in the dojo and kept challenging Kuina.
Kuina told Zoro about how she envious him for being a male as she was told that a girl's strength will not be able win a guy, especially when she grow up. Zoro encouraged her and then promised that they will both become the strongest swordsman in the world and duel.
Unfortunately, Kuina died from an accident. Zoro was then determined to be the strongest swordsman together with the spirit of Kuina.
Usopp's Childhood
Usopp's father Yasopp was a comrade of Shanks, he left his family to be a pirate. Sadly, Usopp's mother passed away after his departure. Usopp who longed for his father to return bluffed to the villagers everyday about the return of his father.
Though that Usopp always bluff, he had always cared about his village from the bottom of his heart. He also met a girl named Kaya which listened to his stories and bluffs without mocking him, she was very important to him. This is why he always guard the coast of the island, and one day he met Luffy.
Unfortunately, Kaya's butler Kuro was actually a pirate who was planning to rob all of Kaya's family money. Usopp discovered his true intention and tried to tell the villagers. However, Kuro had many trust while Usopp didn't. Therefore, Usopp decided to fight him himself but was too weak compared to Kuro. Luffy was touched by Usopp's action and helped him.
Luffy won Kuro and successfully saved the Kaya. Usopp had then decided to sail to the Sea with Luffy. Kaya's butler Merry thanked Luffy by giving them a ship named Going Merry.
Luffy meets Sanji
Luffy meets Sanji who was working in sea restaurant baratie. Sanji had always dream of finding the sea called "All Blue" which all kind of fishes live in. After having deep thoughts about it, Sanji finally decides to join him.
Sanji's Childhood
Sanji was a young cook in a ship restaurant. One day, Zeff who was a pirate came and asked for food. However, A storm attacked suddenly and both of them fell into the sea. Zeff rescued Sanji but loosed his right leg.
They reached a no man island and lacked of food. While waiting for rescue, they starved very badly. Zeff told Sanji about his dream of opening a sea restaurant which was then achieved when they were rescued.
Nami the Navigator
Luffy met Nami in an island a pirate named Buggy attacked, she agreed to be a comrade. However, she ran away with all the money Luffy and his crew had to her hometown- Cocoyasi Village. The crew were confused about her betrayal, they then later found out about Nami's past which was the reason for her betrayal.
Nami's Childhood
Nami was a baby victim of war, she was saved by a marine named Bellemere. Bellemere took care of Nami in Cocoyasi Village. Unfortunately, Nami's village was attacked by Arlong Pirates which killed Bellemere.
Arlong Pirates had then ruled over the village. Nami who was determined to protect the village had decided to work for Arlong as he promised he will let the village go if Nami gather and give 100 million beli(money) and draw sea maps for him. From then on, Nami went around joining and betraying pirates to get money.
Nami didn't want Luffy and his crew to be involved in her matter as she thought it will harm him. However, Arlong broke his promise by bribing a marine to take away all of Nami's saving. Nami felt devastated and gave into Luffy's help.
Luffy won Arlong and then convinced Nami to be his comrade once again.
If you are free, take some time to enjoy this special episode of Nami.
Chopper the Doctor
Chopper is a reindeer that had accidentally eaten a devil fruit that made him human like. He was then a half reindeer human whom was not accepted by anyone. He always felt lonely and desperate at the society which can't accept him.
Chopper met Dr. Hiruluk when he was shot. Dr. Hiruluk tried his best to save him and had then started living together. Dr. Hiruluk was a strange and unsuccessful doctor, he was inspired to be a doctor after getting healed from heart attack by seeing a sakura blossom. Chopper was bounded to and respected him. However, Dr. Hiruluk died in an unreasonable order of King Wapol.
Chopper was handed to Dr. Kureha who was a greatly skilled doctor. Chopper was determined to become a skilled doctor and had so began to learn from Dr. Kureha. They lived in the castle which was abandoned by King Wapol after a pirate attack.
However, King Wapol returned at the same time as Luffy and his crew reached (they were trying to find Nami a doctor). Luffy protected the kingdom from King Wapol who was selfish and heartless. Luffy then request Chopper to be his comrade, as later accepted after a few thoughts.

Nico Robin
Luffy and his crew first met robbin as an enemy as she was under the evil Crocodile. However, she later revealed that she had always worked for pirates and betray them to achieve her goal. The crew had no trust in her at first but formed bond as time passed by.
In the island Water 7, Robin disappeared with CP9 which was a secret operation of the marine. The crew found out that she was brought to Enies Lobby and tried to rescue her. On the other hand Robin didn't wanted them to risk their life to save her.
Robin past was revealed to be that she was a child who had not much care from parents and even eaten a devil fruit causing her to be isolated by other kids and even adults. However, she was very welcomed by the archeologist which she liked a lot. Sadly, she loosed all her loved ones as the marine attacked the archeologist to hide a past they needed to cover, while Robin escaped.
After seeing Luffy's determination, Robin was persuaded and decided to accept their help
Since that this is my favorite scene, I will insert it again. :D
Just for fun :)
Franky and Sunny
Franky had first appeared to be an enemy because he stole Luffy and his crew's money. But later on he turned out to be a very rightful man and helped with Robin's rescue
Franky's Childhood
Franky was a brat who loved mechanism. He met fishman Tom who was skilled in building ship and started learning from him. However, Tom was arrested by the marine with injustice accuse.
Frank tried his best to stop the sea train carrying Tom but failed. He was badly hurt but had reconstructed his body with the materials available and became a cyborg.
After seeing Luffy and his crew's spirit, Franky built a ship named 'Sunny" for them. After several persuading he also agreed to join Luffy and his crew.
Brook the Musician
Brook was a pirate 50 years ago. He and his crew died from poison in their pirate ship spending their last moments paying music but Brook revived due to the devil fruit he eaten.
Brook promised a whale named Laboon to meet him after he traveled through Grand Line. So in order to fulfill his promise, he joined Luffy and his crew.

Going Merry
Do you remember about the ship Going Merry that was given to the crew as Usopp joined them?
Going Merry was badly damaged by their adventures and couldn't sail anymore in Water 7 isalnd. Usopp and Luffy had a big conflict about this, resulting Usopp to leave. However, Usopp still joined the rescue of Robin as he disguised as 'Sogeking'.
Usopp then reunited with the crew after apologizing.
This Is
The Bound OF
And His
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