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Gender Archetypes as portrayed in the Breakfast Club

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Michael Carbonaro

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Gender Archetypes as portrayed in the Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

The Movie
Produced in 1985
The Breakfast club is about a diverse group of high school students who are forced to attend Saturday detention where they break through social barriers, eventually realizing that they are not as different as they once thought.
The Characters
The Jock
In striving to fit in for his fathers pleasure Andrew continues wrestling and becomes one of the mean jocks.
The Nerd
In adhering to his parent demands, Brian becomes completely immersed in school turning him into a nerd.
How each characters response to the pressures put on them by their parents shaped their societal archetype
How the Characters Deal with their problems at Home
How the characters face their problems
How ones persona is a product of pressures put on them as a kid
The Characters
All Characters have a common conflict that they must face
Pressures put on them by their families and by society
The opening scene...
Andew is pressured by his dad to fit in, be cool, and to be the best wrestler their is.
Bender faces abuse from his dad. In addition his parents don't pay any attention to him and are not proud of him. Because of this he is expected to fend for himself.
Brian is pressured by his parents to get good grades. This pressure causes him to hate his parents. In addition it ruins his ego as he does not like the person he has become.
Like Bender, Allison is forced to take care of herself as her parents ignore and neglect her.
Claire is pressured to be a preppy and pristine women by her family. Dad buys her fancy clothes that she is expected to wear.
Andrew who is pressured by high expectations by his father deals with his conflicts by not making any decisions on his own. He falls to pure pressure to please others, an idea rooted from his fathers harsh expectations for him.
Bender is neglected and beaten by his parents. Because of this he turns to drugs and rebelling against his superiors.
Claire is pressured by her parents to be a preppy and fancy women. She deals with this pressure by focusing largley on her appearance and image. Refuses to admit she is a virgin.
Brian who is pressured by his parents to get good grades deals with his parents expectations through studying hard and trying very hard in school
Since Allison has a rough life at home she deals with this conflicts in being quite and sticking with herself
The Criminal
Bender, facing abuse and neglection from his parents turns into a blazer and a criminal. In pressuring Bender to raise himself, his parents allowed him to go down a path of drugs and crimes which shape his archetype as the criminal.
The Princess
With Claire pressured to be the sweet and fancy women by her parents she becomes focused on being popular and beautiful which categorizes her as the princess or prom queen.
The Outsider
Allison is cast aside by her parents forcing her to also take care of herself. This pressure also makes her unsocial at school since she has nobody to talk to at home. This forces her to be an outsider who is focused on running away from home. In conclusion her loneliness at home makes her lonely at school. Thus this pressure shaped the archetype she serves to represent in the movie, "the outsider".
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