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Effects of noise

No description

oscar 4B

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Effects of noise

By: Oscar 3ªA
Effects of noise in
human health
What are the
effects ?
Health problems
Posible problematic
areas of school
and possibles
What can we do
to avoid
it ?
There can be three tipes of diferent effects.
The first one affects your on body.
The second one affects your brain
The third one affects your organs
What are the effects ?
When you are exposed to noise louther than 60 decibels you can suffer:
Acceleration of breath, your blood pulse can increase, problems to sleep...
Body problems :
If you are exposed to noise you decrease you level of attention.
It increases the probability of having an accident at work.
You get mad very easy or you even can have a depression.
Brain problems :
If you are exposed to noise more than two ours a day yo can hurt you ears, in some cases after a few days your problem leaves but in other cases it doesn´t leave and your ears get damage.
Organ problems :
If you want to know where the problem is you can draw a table and look where comes the problem.
At some works that are noisy, people use earmuffs.
If you live at a noisy house you can use ear plugs
to sleep.
You can soundproof your house so you don´t hear noise from outside.
What can we do
to avoid it ?
The 3% of the heart attacks that occurs at the hole world are do to noises such as cars, sirens this equals to 200.000 thousand of people.
The problem may come from the transmitter that may speak very loudly or from the channel which can amplify the sounds.
Every year thousands of persons visit the doctor case deafness due to noise.
Health problem associated to noise :
School noise and how can we stop it :
Probably the place were we can find the most noise is at the cafeteria.
To try to stop this noise we could enter the cafeteria in groups of 20 people for example:
From 10:45 to 10:47 group 1 enters, from 10:47 to 10:50 group 2 an so it goes on until every one is served.
Another problem is noise at corridors when we come back from brake there is much noise do to students speaking out of the classroom this could be avoid if at 11:15 all the professors were at the classrooms waiting for the students.
Thanks for watching
He can be speaking very loudly.
In some places you hear noise louder.
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