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SS 9: Industrial Revolution: Why Britain

No description

Devon Allen

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of SS 9: Industrial Revolution: Why Britain

Why Britain? The Industrial Revolution Why Britain? The Test Act More Reasons Based on the list above, what are the essential elements for a nation to become industrialized? The Industrial Revolution began in England because it had all the essential elements for industrialization: A big labour pool
(population had been steadily increasing since 1600) New Farm Technology had put many farmers out of work.

Many unemployed wandering the countryside or moving to cities looking for work. British Middle Class were mostly landowners/business man of influence. Barred Puritans from government, church, & army. So they turned their interest to making money in business and industry New business =

New Money =

Industrialization =

New business etc Britain encouraged the development of technology Britain contained a lot of Raw Materials: coal = cheap fuel Britain had many colonies that supplied the nation with raw materials. -Labour supply
-Stable pro-business government
-Capital (Money)
-Raw Materials The combination of the above made the Industrial Revolution Possible.
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