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4H Record Books

How to navigate your 4H Record Book

Michelle Carrillo

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of 4H Record Books

A Map to organizing your Record Book The Maze of Record Keeping What are 4-H Records? Records are a written summary of your 4-H activities and projects.

Show what you've learned, what you've done, activities participated in and how 4H has helped YOU.

There are specific forms for project areas so please refer to the What Project Record Form Do I Use? sheet The Battle.... Often the project is the fun part, but members have a harder time keeping up their records on a regular basis.
Hard to keep track of every activity, speech or receipt!
Too much information to enter at one time
Don't know what forms are needed
Don't see a reason to keep them Record Keeping Tips Be Specific: Include Who, What, Where, When and Why!
Use Numbers: How many meetings attended, food collected, dishes cooked, animals washed etc.
Neatness: (either ink or typing)
4H Records On-Line 4-H Story & 4-H Notes Your "4-H" Story
Things you want to remember from that year
Includes ALL project areas into one story
Recommended Format
Introduce yourself-age-where you live-family-interests. Tell about your 4-H Projects and activities. Story Ideas Examples:
What have you learned about yourself and your project(s)?
Why did you choose your project(s)?
Describe the successes and unsuccessful things that you tried
what were your financial profits, losses and savings?
Describe your community service experiences or contributions.
What have you learned from working with other 4-Hers
Did you meet any interesting people? Have an embarrassing moment? Project Records Now you are ready to GO! Reasons to Keep GOOD Records Eligibility for 4H Scholarships
Learn important skills, attitudes and habits
May receive county, state &/or national recognition
Have an invaluable personal memory book (this has proven very helpful as older 4-H youth complete resumes and apply for awards and college scholarships)
Learn how to set goals and evaluate their project's progress
Can reflect on and evaluate their personal growth
Record Books for all Projects entered in Fair are REQUIRED for eligibility to participate. Meeting those challenges 1 Meeting a month spend 5 minutes updating your record book
Use sticky notes throughout the year to keep track of events, speeches, volunteer hours etc.
Keep an envelope or a basket for your receipts
Record your awards and placings for fair on a sheet to fill out later in your book.
Don't wait till entry day to fill out your Record Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4H Calendar year is October 1st through September 30th of the following year. (Close your books in September and start new ones in the fall) Online Resource Page

Permanent Record

Blank Project Record

My 4H Notes
http://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/4h/4-h039r.pdf After completing your first year of records, remove the project records and store them in a three-ring binder.
Keep a scrap book in the three ring binder with photos, news items, records etc. that can be used for applying for scholarships and other state/national awards.
When using abbreviations like FBLA state the full name (Future Business Leaders of America) the first time it is recorded. Other Tips My Permanent Record Other Tips for 4H Story Tell about your plans for the future, or next year, that are connected with your 4-H work.
Explain how 4-H has helped you become a better leader and citizen.
Be CREATIVE! Use the 4-H Notes Record to document your story. Animal Science
Dog-4H Dog Project Record
Horse- 4-H Horse Project Record
Beef, Goat, Sheep, Swine, Cavies, Poultry, Rabbit
ALL USE- 4-H Animal Science Record (Junior/Intermediate & Senior) Communications
Presentations and Educational Displays-No Project Form Required
Videography- My "Blank" Project Record Use either the designated Project Record or the My 4-H Blank Project Record Expressive Arts
All Projects use My "Blank" 4-H Record
Photography use 4-H Photography Record Family and Consumer Science
Food & Nutrition use 4-H Food and Nutrition Record (Junior) or (Intermediate and Senior)
Food Preservation use 4-H Food Preservation Record
Sewing/Clothing use 4-H Sewing/Clothing Record Horticulture
Gardening: Flowers & Ornamental or Vegetables & Herbs use My 4-H Horticulture Record Mechanical Science
Wood, Bicycle, Tractor use My "Blank" 4-H Record Natural Science
Environmental, Stewardship, Forestry, Marine Science use My "Blank 4-H Record Outdoor Education and Recreation
Archery use 4-H Archery Record
Rifle use 4-H Shooting Sports Record
Surfing use My 4-H "Blank" Project Record SET-Science, Engineering and Technology
Computer use 4-H Computer Record
Aerospace, Electricity, Energy, GPS/GIS, Robotics, Wind Energy ALL USE My "Blank" 4-H Project Record Almost done......
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