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The Battle of the Alamo

flipping awesome

Lauren Kasinger

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of the Alamo

Texas Causes of the War In Mexico at the time, new laws were being made. A part of Mexico otherwise known as Texas wanted to rebel and have its own country because of the laws being made. Santa Anna saw that sooner or later Texas was going to rebel from Mexico, so Santa Anna sent out troops to crush the rebellion.
At a southern point of Texas there was an old abandoned spanish mission. Texans set up troops there to stop the mexican armies from coming into Texas Thus starting the battle of the Alamo. Mexican Point of View Most stories of the Alamo are told from the Texans point of view. It's a whole different story from the Mexican point of view. From the Mexican view, the American settlers were not supposed to be there. The land was theirs and it was not considered part of the United States. As far as they were concerned, they were being generous and helpful to the Americans and the settlers, overtaken by their greed for land, were taking advantage of them. The Texans basically demanded rights and laws and formed unauthorized government bodies. General Santa Anna, who had taken control of the government three years earlier, said he would fight for the independence and rights of his nation. He got an army together and told them that the Texans were creating war and they WOULD fight back. When they met at the Alamo, the Texans retreated and the Mexicans decided to wait. After a long twelve days, Texan soldiers finally appeared. Soldiers were killed but soon after, the Texans retreated again. The Mexican army followed them into the barracks. Fierce fighting took place, but the Texans quickly fell, especially after the cannons were turned against them. The number of Mexicans lost was appalling, but they died fighting. Texas Revolution Texas was planning to have its own country for a while, but never happened. When Mexico had made new laws that the people of Texas did not like was a reason to go for the rebellion. Texas wanted Independence from Mexico, but soon realized that the mexican armies would not allow this. So the Texans found the old spanish mission to set up fort. Texas Point of View The Battle of the Alamo 185 men were cornered in the ancient spanish mission known as the Alamo. Around 5,000 Mexican troops led by General Santa Anna bombarded the Alamo for 13 days straight, before it was overwhelmed. The night before the famous battle, William Travis is rumored to have draw a line in the sand with his sword and asked that all who were willing to defend the Alamo cross the line and fight to the very last. Every man willingly chose to fight, along with a gravely ill Jim Bowie, who asked to be carried over. The only man that did not do so, Moses Rose did not cross the line, and fled the Alamo under the cover of night.
Santa Anna sent a messenger to the Alamo, asking Colonel Travis for surrender. Travis answered with canon fore, a clear sign that he and his men were ready to fight to the death. Santa Anna ordered the famous bugle call, El Degüello to be played. This meant the Mexican Army would show no mercy, every man would be put to the sword.
After days of bloody battle, the Alamo was overwhelmed and every man inside was killed. The Mexicans, however, payed a heavy price, with nearly 2,000 men killed, supplies and ammunition running low, they were delayed by nearly two weeks. Mexico The Battle of Alamo By Lauren Kasinger, Jordan Wright, and Bridger Young The Battle of San Jacinto and Texas Independence Commanding General Sam Houston led the Texan army against the invading Mexican forces. For weeks, Houston's troops were kept on the run, fleeing and preparing for the advancing troops. Finally, the men camped, unknown by the Mexican Army, in San Jacinto. On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston ordered his troops to attack the Mexicans during their afternoon ciesta. The battle was short, for the Texans had been preparing for battle for several months, and the massacre of the Alamo only fueled their fire. The Mexicans, caught off guard were in no shape to defend. As the fled the raging battle, screaming "Mi no Alamo!" they were picked off at their few escape routes by furious Texans. The geographical area of the battle ground also aided in the Texas element of surprise. Land features such as the San Jacinto river, an the wooded, scrubby areas surrounding.
When the battle was over, Mexican prisoners were brought into camp. The mood was tense, as General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was nowhere to be found. He had dressed himself in a soldier's uniform, although it did him little to no good. The lesser soldiers captured saluted their commanding general as he filed past them, which of course led to suspicion from the Texans. Santa Anna was found out when he was stripped and searched, resulting in the discovery of his expensive undergarments, that an ordinary private would not posses, thus the Commanding General of the Mexican army was discovered and deported. Facts About the Alamo -The fate of the famous Tennessee born congressman and legendary frontiersman Davy Crockett is unknown for sure. From the theories of questionable eye witness accounts, two main theories have sprung up. The first being that Crockett was found dead among a pile of Mexican soldiers he had slaughtered before being overwhelmed. The second is that he was captured and later put to death after being tortured by the Mexican army. -About a dozen women and children survived the battle of the Alamo, including the famous Susanna Dickinson -The Alamo was originally built as a massive Spanish mission in order to convert the native people to the catholic religion. This was done around the 1500s, and there was space for the people to live as well as worship. Because of this, the Alamo was very large, making it rather hard for the Texans to defend during the battle. The Texans believed that Mexico's rule over them was oppressive and dictator-like. This led to unrest between the Texans and the Mexicans. Also, American settlers were constantly migrating to the future state, resulting in differences and inequality in areas such as cultural, economic, and racial status. All of this drove Texas apart from Mexico. The people began to crave independence.
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