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Tree Huggers

No description

serge gedeon

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Tree Huggers

Serge Gedeon Jr
Beniah Christianson
Shanell Murphy
Ryan Atkins
Dori Moore
Alejandra Ivette
Alaryss Bosco

Which letter is missing in the original spelling of Hawthorne's last name?
What was the name of Hawthorne's first published novel?
What year was "The Scarlet Letter" published?
Tree Huggers Quiz
The roots of transcendentalist philosophy go back to which European philosopher?
Immanuel Kant.
Adherents to Transcendentalism believed that knowledge could be arrived at not just through the senses, but through...

a. divine inspiration from God.
b. intuition and contemplation of the internal spirit.
c. hard manual labor and long hours of study.
d. attending lectures and engaging in intellectual conversation.
b. intuition and contemplation of the internal spirit.
What is Whitman’s famous and controversial collection of poetry called?

Leaves of Grass.
Where did Walt Whitman grow up?
The poem “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” is Whitman’s elegy for…?
Abraham Lincoln
What paper did Bryant edit for many years?
New York Evening Post
What is Bryant’s most famous poem called
In what two countries did Washington Irving obtain simultaneous copyrights, making the him the first internationally successful American writer?
American and Britain
When yellow fever broke out in Manhattan what town did Irving's parents send him to? HINT: This town later becomes the location for several of his stories.
Sleepy Hollow/ Tarrytown
What style of writing did Irving to strive to make popular, at least among American Writers?
Short Story/Folklore
When did Cooper write his first book?
*Bonus: What was the name?
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