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plot diagram

Mr.lincons way

paige mcfarlane

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of plot diagram

Eugene was a bully. He had no friends and he bullyed all the little kids.. The only thing he really loved where birds. Mr.Lincons Way Conflict Setting: School/atrium
Situation/Climax: bullying/races
Characters: Mr. Lincoln and Eugene External:Person vs. Person
Eugene bullies the other kids at school because of their races. Mr.Lincoln tries to solve the problem by helping Eugene be involved with the school. Exposition Eugene is interested birds so Mr. Lincoln asks Eugene to help restore the atrium. Eugene knows what trees to plant and what to bring into the atrium. Rising Action Eugene was a bully. He had no friends and he bullied all the little kids. the only thing he loved were birds. Two mallards nest in the atrium. The eggs hatch. Once Eugene finished the atrium, birds began to come. The whole school watched as every bird came. Climax Falling Action Mr. Lincoln discovers that the reason Eugene was bullying people was because of his father. Mr. Lincoln brings Eugene and his Grandpa together. Eugene stops bullying. Resolution Eugene understands that are skin color doesn't matter and we are really all the same. Protagonist vs. Antagonist Protagonist: Mr Lincoln vs. Antagonist: Eugene Mr. Lincoln brings Eugene and his grandpa together. Eugene and Mr. Lincoln become life long friends. Theme The author wants us to understand that races don't matter. Rising Action Mr. Lincoln's Way
by Patrica Polacco

Rising Action Rising Action
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