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Vatican City Introduction

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on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Vatican City Introduction

Vatican City (5 themes of geography)
by: Grace Drexel and Becca Geron

Human Environment Interactions
The Location of Vatican city has relative and absolute location. The absolute location is 41.904 degrees North latitude and 12.453 degrees East longitude. The relative location of Vatican is near Rome, Italy.
Vatican City Introduction
Vatican City is a city inside of Rome, Italy. It is so big that the government of Rome made it its own country. This presentation is about Vatican city and how we have used the 5 themes of geography to explain the city and its wonders. The 5 themes are
1) Location,
2) Place,
3) Human Environment Interaction,
4) Movement, and
5) Region.
The most common way people get around is by walking. Everyone likes to see all of the beauty of the city, but if everyone rode in a car, The roads would be over crowded. Some people drive cars if they have to, but they mostly walk.
The average temperature is 21.1 degrees C. and 68.4 degrees F. This is the temperature or what it is like. It is also VERY crowded. It is so crowded, it even has crowd control when the Pope makes his speech!
The region of this area is mostly Katholic. The Katholic ministries have built many churches. There is even a Pope of Vatican city. About 11,000 people per audience visit the St. Peters Square to hear the Pope give his speech.
Two ways Vatican city has Interacted with the environment is that there are many landmarks and ways that people lived back then. There was the Colluseum made and is a famous landmark today. They also made aquaducts that carried water through the city.this is how they interacted with the environment.
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