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Lord of The Flies

No description

Diknees Seavince

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Lord of The Flies

Lord of The Flies

Tensions in Survival -
Introduction and Background Information
Thesis and Arguments
Tensions in Survival - Hunting
Tension in Leadership: Separation of Group
Tensions in Survival -
Tensions in Survival - Hunting
Leadership: one of main reasons for tension
Bicker over leadership
- Ralph: natural leader ("there was his size, and attractive appearance...there was the conch" - p.19)
- Jack: autocratic dictator ("uniformed superiority and the offhand authority" - p. 17)
Vote for chief: Ralph
Tension over leadership begins (“freckles of Jack’s face disappeared under a blush of mortification”; “he started up” - p.19)

Plot Description:
Ralph convinces group they need to escape
Advises them to build huge signal fire on top of the mountain.
Littleuns' gather firewood continuously
They create a huge fire
burns a portion of the forest
One of the littleun's is killed in the process.
Good Outcome
Evil Outcome
Beginning Tension over Leadership
Ralph doesn't care who's chief, as long as there is one
Jack is embarrassed and wants to take the leading position; can cause chaos
Could have stayed civilized and not have acted so rashly
Could have listened to Piggy and not have created such a big fire.
Tension Builds:
Whether of not they should fall under the act of savagery or stay sane.
The need to continue acts of destruction regardless of its outcomes or to listen to Piggy and think about it rationally
Let the forces of savegery descend upon them
Ignored Piggy and his wise information on making a safe fire
Tension in Leadership: Separation of Group (cont'd)

Child goes missing and is presumably dead
Part of the forest is burned
Tension builds up
Evil finally prevails ("I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you." - p.140)
Unity of group; teamwork; compromise ---
Law, order, functioning society
Loss of friendship, separation ---
hatred, no remorse, negative emotions
Tension for leadership leads to separation of two groups
Evil prevails in terms of leadership (separation and hatred)
Proof that Evil wins over Good
The kids are getting scared about a beast on the island, the two leaders have different opinions

There is no need to worry
The beast does not exist
There is a beast, however, we can hunt it down


Explorations between the tensions of good and evil throughout Golding's Lord of the Flies
Jack accuses Ralph of being a coward, and takes it to a vote
Children agree with Ralph, Jack is humiliated
Runs off, and invites people to join him

Good that could have resulted
The Bad that did result

Background Information:
Plot description
Both good and evil outcomes
Tension that occurs between them
Result (which one wins)
Proof to support our arguments (Quotes)
Situation could have been discussed and more rationally thought about
Compromise could have been reached between Jack and Ralph earlier in the novel
Harsh words could have been avoided
Large division, the group officially has been seperated into 2 groups
Hatred and humiliation in Jack, causes chaos as he takes revenge in the end

Throughout examples where there are tension in the book between good and evil, evil always prevails over good.
Supporting Arguments:
Survival Tensions
Leadership Tensions
Separation of the group
Argument over the Beast
Symbolic tensions
Lord of the Flies
The Conch
Interactive Part:
At the end of each argument will be a small debate over a certain situation we give to you. Which side will you choose?
Order and Organization of the Presentation:
Cause and Effect
Thematic Organization
Debate Number 1 - Survival
Statement/Scenario: You and your only companion horse are traveling in the tundra in search of civilization. Suddenly you see a blizzard approaching. Do you
A) Kill and gut your horse and stay inside of it to protect yourself.
B) Will the strength to survive against the harsh weather with your sole companion.
*Separate yourselves based on your decision*
Re-cap and Summary
Conclusion and After thought
Result - Evil Wins
Second Debate - Leadership
Symbolic Tensions - The Conch
Plot Description
Ralph Uses the conch to bring the boys together
After voted leader, Ralph builds his first rule(law) around the conch.
Because of this, the conch becomes a symbol of civilization and order.
Good Outcome
Bad Outcome
Scenario/Statement: Would you rather:
A) Have a leader who forced his subjects to work tirelessly, but the work is beneficial (You gained knowledge/ strength from it)
B) Have a leader that lets you do whatever you want to do regardless of its consequence. Very little beneficial gain but tons of freedom.
The boys can abide by the law and order the conch represents
The can ignore what the conch represents and live without order and rules.
*Separate yourselves based on your decision*
Symbolic Tensions - The Conch
Tension builds
As the boys move more towards savagery the conch loses what symbolic power it had.
The conch finally breaks with Piggy's death, symbolizing the fall of order and civilization.
Symbolic Tensions - The Lord of the Flies
Plot Description
Jack and the hunters find and kill a sow.
The behead it and stick its head on a stake as an offering to the beast.
Because of the irrationality of their actions, the "Lord of the Flies" becomes a symbol of Savagery and the boys' fall from reason.
Good Outcome

EVIL ultimately prevails over good
All these supporting arguments plus the fact that most of the kids went insane with savagery prove why evil triumphed over good
Survival Tensions
Leadership Tensions
Separation of the group
Argument over the Beast
Symbolic tensions
Lord of the Flies
The Conch
The boys see their insanity before they do anything rash like murdering someone.
Bad Outcome
They fall completely into savagery and belief in "the beast"
Symbolic Tensions - The Lord of the Flies
Tension builds
"... But the first time Ralph says "fire" you goes howling and screaming up this here mountain like a pack of kids" (Piggy p.45)
"Then when you get here you buld a bonfire that isn't no use. Now you been and set the whole island on fire." (Piggy, p.46)
As more boys join jack and start believing in the "beast", they move closer towards savagery and the Lord of the Flies.
As the conch becomes less important, the Lord of The flies becomes more important.
The conch breaks the boys go full savage and murder Simon, completing the end of civilizationn
Do you think it was very realistic how the kids started following the path of devilry or savagery so quickly?
If placed in the same position would you have made the same "evil" choices that the kids made on the island? Would you follow the path of savagery or would you remain civil?
Thank You For Your Attention
Tension in Leadership: Argument Over the Beast
Hunting: The symbolism

Basic survival

Power over weaker beings
- Inhumane behavior
- Hunting ritual dance

The pull of hunting:
- The excitement
- Power

The End Outcome:
- Evil wins over
-Hunting is now used as control and fear mechanism
By: Rahul, Mahdi, Linshan, Peter and Yusuf
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